The dreaded first post…



I basically have more than 10 blogs on the interwebs currently. I use 4 and now there is this one which is basically my “private” one, where only I know about about.

I’m currently a freshman in college. I don’t mind it, I just miss my home a lot. I also am one of the people in America who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Recently I’ve been noticing that it’s getting a little worse again. Having hated all of Middle school and High School because of it, I’m trying my hardest not to let it spoil my life here at college.

My life is really the most boring one of all. I have no job. I spend most of my life on the computer or in class. I do read a lot, and I love tv, but this really has no plus side for me since I cannot earn money from it.

Also, being the spastic freak that I am, I don’t drive, so really I’m just one boring person.

Boring people unite!


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