Girl Most Likely pt 1: Summary and the rad Fashion

As you all know (all is a funny word because I think it’s just me reading this), I have been updating my Get To Know Me Meme on tumblr. In order to do this, I need to review a lot of my favorite things because, to be honest, I neglect them. Some things, like Band Of Brothers, I don’t need to review because I know them too well, other things, like Girl Most Likely, I do need to review. This is a post about Girl Most Likely, since I watched it with Soli yesterday night.

Before I actually form any thoughts on it, you should probably know what it’s about.

Girl Most Likely poster, which I adore and wish I owned for my lovely dorm wall.

So… Girl Most Likely is a movie from 2013, starring Kristen Wiig as Imogene, a writer living in New York, whose life basically falls apart. After an unfortunate plan to fake a suicide, Imogene ends up in her mother’s care.

An unhappy Imogene wakes up in a casino after being sedated to find that her mother left her in her car while she gambled. Fun times.

Her mother (played by Annette Bening), suffers from impulse problems, such as gambling or “picking up hitchhikers” (a story I would love to hear more about). So, naturally, Imogene had gotten the hell out of dodge as soon as possible. Now, she’s stuck with her mother, yet again, and has to spend the week at her childhood home, where she finds things have changed. Some for the worst.

For one thing, her brother is a recluse. They live in Ocean City, and Ralph hasn’t traveled past the Board Walk. I honestly feel that Ralph has some definite issues, possibly autism, but I’m not going to diagnose him because I’m not a professional, even if I was a psych major for 2 years. He works at a kiosk on the board walk, selling hermit crabs, which is pretty great because he’s basically a hermit.

Ralph being absolutely adorable at work.

She also comes to find that her mother is dating a man they refer to as “The Boosh”. The Boosh is played by Matt Dillon (who is still as fine as ever), who seemingly is a compulsive liar, that both Imogene’s mother and brother are enamored with.

Here’s The Boosh looking really cool.

And my favorite part, the very attractive and young Lee, played by the beautiful Darren Criss. Lee is renting out Imogene’s old room and it’s pretty hilarious because her posters from the 90’s are still up on her walls. It basically looks like she never left, minus the man in her bed.

Can you say YAAASS? Darren Criss at his finest, tbh.

Imogene’s life is not only a mess, but it’s an even bigger mess when she finds out a secret her mother has been keeping from her since she was 9 years old. A secret so big, her life is basically never the same again. I don’t really want to write more on the summary front, because otherwise I might actually give away too much. However, if you do not want spoilers, I really caution you to watch the movie and then read after this, because I cannot guarantee a spoiler free post after this point.


Things I really want to talk about:

  • The costumes. Imogene wears a lot of the clothes she left at home, so a lot of it is from the 90’s and it is everything I ever wanted to see Kristen Wiig in. Also, what’s up with the shoe change in the night-out scene?
  • Darren Criss and his job and just him in general
  • The Boosh and how I cannot NOT giggle at his name every time.
  • Ralph and his precious love for anything with a shell, as well as his crush on the girl across from his kiosk who does glitter expressions
  • Annette Bening and how much I really love her character
  • Dara and how much of an ass she is
  • Imogene’s Dad, and the subject of his book. How true is it? Were pilgrims really all drunks?
  • Also, can we talk about the bar scene and how I cannot get that song out of my head? (This will probably go along with Darren Criss because why not)

I’m probably going to split these posts up, because this is going to be quite long.

First off: The Fashion

We begin the movie in Manhattan, where everyone is real swanky, and all of Imogene’s friends are rich, white folks who really love starting charities for people because then everyone says something like “Oh, how nice!” to them and pats them on the back. Imogene hangs out with these people because they are her “friends”, but really, none of them have anything in common with Imogene!

But, enough of that (I’ll talk about it more when I get to Dara), lets look at some of the early outfits:

Her first outfit is a pretty Black and Pink dress that is okay. I mean, it’s pretty, but to be honest, I’m in it for the floral dress later. So, this dress is nothing to me. I also could not find many pictures of it, which I think says something.

Here’s a gif of the top as Imogene kisses Peter in the beginning. I will not speak about him. He is irrelevant tbh.

I seriously cannot find one of her skirt!

First time we see Imogene, she barely can smile a genuine smile. This isn’t a really good example of this, but whatevs.

Oh, wait! Hello!

See, it’s kind of a pink/peach color.

Normally Pink/Peaches do it for me, but this dress does not.

Next, Imogene is in the hospital (there’s some scenes between this, but this is more memorable), and has to wear one of those paper gown things. There’s a picture of her in it above.

Imogene running from her mother towards Dara telling her to claim “Unconditional Love” towards her so that she doesn’t have to spend time with her mom.

So, the fact that she walks through a casino in this outfit is great. She doesn’t really give a shit, because she is pissed. Once she arrives home, she has none of her clothes, just the gown she’s in. Imogene has to find her old clothes, which all seem to be from the 90’s (which I really dig), and so she is forced to wear those. This leads us to her Ocean City Phys Ed outfit:

That face explains her feelings towards it.
She’s in denial because she was caught be a former fellow student in her old gym clothes.
Really though, those converse are cute.

Also, for funsies:

Lee doesn’t knock and because of this he walks in on Imogene on the toilet. Classic RomCom style.

Here we can see her sad terry-cloth(?) shorts.

Moving on, we have her nice Friends T-shirt:

I wonder who her favorite was? Mine’s Joey.

The scene where she forces Lee to take her back to Manhattan was also great clothes-wise:


Then later, she see’s Lee’s performance:

Here we see her cool outfit, complete with floral mini and denim vest. Also, Lee is changing his shirt and we are entranced by his tummy.
I really dig this outfit though.

But let’s be honest, this is the best outfit:

Hello. I want this dress.

I’m no fashion expert, and maybe you’re wondering if I’m sane or not, but I really love these outfits. So, what are your opinions? Have a favorite? I would love to include more, from Lee and her Mom, as well as Dara, but I feel that a post with all of that will take forever, so I’m concluding it here.

Next will be a post surrounding Darren Criss’ character Lee. I think he’ll get his own post because I want to look at the role his character plays, as well as his job and how much I adore Lee and Imogene.


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