WOW It’s been two years?

I really need to keep track of things I have on the internet. Seriously.

Anyway, I’ve decided to use this as sort of a review blog, but not quite review. Mostly just my thoughts on movies, tv shows, books, music, poetry, what have you. I’ve been redoing my get to know me meme on Tumblr, so I’ve been rewatching/listening/reading things in order to remember things. Mostly movies so I can cap them in a pretty way. I guess on here I’ll let my thoughts come out, ya know?

I probably should update you on my life:

  • I had a job. A shitty job. I quit for various reasons, so I’m back here, jobless. Lame.
  • I switched majors. I’m now a History major, and quite happy about it.
  • I also have decided to get into the museum bussiness. Yay that!
  • Being 21 is not as nearly as exciting as the media shows it to be. I honestly only drink at 2 am in my dorm room bed, which is pretty responsible of me if you think about it. I mean, one drink, in my bed, I can pass out safely!

I also should really explain what I’ve been into lately:

  • Rory Culkin is a babe. Nuff said.
  • Taron Egerton is going to take the world by storm and no one will know what happened, except for me because I guessed it. Kingsman should win all the awards.
  • As should Jupiter Ascending for just being one big weird movie of sorts.
  • Returning to Rory Culkin, Electrick Children is one weird, wonderful movie, which I have watched 3 times in the past 3 weeks (twice last week). Partially because I adore Rory and his hair (I cannot explain my attraction, it appeared suddenly and violently, and I need some help tbh), and partially because Julia Garner is so freaking adorable and always will be precious beyond words.
  • Also, Eye Candy, a tv show on MTV is really good. (Kinda like how I watched Teen Wolf as a joke and ended up liking it too much, but really I knew I would like Eye Candy because the guy that plays Chad DiMira in Days of Our Lives is in it and hes a cutie)
  • Noel Fielding is a giant 40-something-year-old teddy bear and he is sunshine and rainbows as Vince Noir in the Mighty Boosh.
  • I saw the 1975 in concert last November and it was really amazing.
  • But even more amazing was seeing Brand New live at Summer Fest. It was LITERALLY A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. I met a girl the other day while wearing my Brand New shirt who agreed that seeing them live was like that.

So, really, not much has happened, but I have so much to say and it’s really all bottled up. Ouch.


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