Girl Most Likely pt 2: Darren Criss

I left off the last post explaining that the next would be about Darren Criss. Well, here that post is. Instead of doing my homework while I wait for my friends so we can go to the bar. This is so totally weird for me because I have yet to actually go to a bar being 21 and it’s also Sunday night and I have class at 9:50 tomorrow, but I’m only getting one drink. It’s actually my friends 21st, so we obviously have to drink? I don’t know. I didn’t go to a bar on my bday, because it was a Tuesday, and I had actually been at a wedding the Saturday before drinking, so really it was  just another Tuesday to me…

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Darren Criss, and not my semi-decent social life that really isn’t much of a social life?

So, Darren Criss plays the adorable Lee in Girl Most Likely. Once again, I must caution you. If you have not seen the movie, please don’t proceed any further unless you have seen it, or want to be spoiled…

Lee is a 20-something guy who’s renting out Imogene’s old room from Zelda (Imogene’s mother). This room looks the same way Imogene left it, complete with 90’s posters and lavender walls.

Do you see the walls, sheets and side table? HOT HAIR!!! is what that weird thing on the side table says. Something Lee totally would decorate with.

I think I used a picture from this scene in the last post, but it needs to be posted again for two reasons: 1) It’s quite obviously not his own room. 2) How can I not post it again. Look at that fucking smirk. I am melting over here. Anyway, back to his character…

Lee is a pretty great guy to be honest. He’s living with this crazy family, that only gets crazier when Imogene comes back. Then he has to deal with this moody 30-something lady, who is obsessed with the idea that her boyfriend is going to take her back (which he isn’t), and that her best friend is going to help her get back on her feet. It’s a bit weird seeing this random guy living with this family. He’s actually the youngest in the house, an it’s almost like he’s apart of the family. He kind of takes care of them. For instance, when Imogene forces him to take her to Manhatten, he texts her mom to tell her that Imogene is alright. This is really important to me for a few reasons: 1) it means he’s close enough with Zelda that he texts her, and 2) He’s close enough with Zelda to know that she will not be okay when she realizes Imogene isn’t at home. Not only this, but she’s supposed to be under her watch for 75 hours, so legally, Imogene’s her responsibility. Of course, I also think Lee is helping Imogene because he’s got the hots for her and might have had them for a while, considering that he’s read her plays she hid, and I think maybe he kinda developed a crush on her. He’s living in her room from her teenage years! I think that stage in our life really tells a person who they are because it has glimpses of your past, as well as your future, ya know?

Then there’s the part where I think he has the hots for her (which okay, I was just talking about). I think he wants to get to know her, which is why he invites her out with his friends and tells her he doesn’t give a shit about their age difference. I personally would have jumped his bones there, but obviously, Imogene has her reasons (peter being one). She isn’t sure it’s an okay idea, because this guy is practically a baby to her, but once she’s drunk, it doesn’t matter.

Hottie mchots wearing guyliner
“See, here’s the thing. I don’t give a shit.” — well then, please kiss me right now.

Also, if you want to get in Imogene’s pants, just tell her she was born to write.

Imogene: this boy is cute and he told me i’m a great writer. Fuck this, i’m kissing him.

And the whole scene in the bar is pretty awesome. Granted, he’s not helpful when it comes to drinking because he told her to just keep drinking, but he was pretty great at watching out for Imogene.  And then there is the hottest scene I’ve seen in a while:


They’re not even making out or anything, just dancing, and I really like their chemistry. I feel like if Kristen played herself, or any other character other than Imogene, there would be no chemistry between her and Darren, but there is, and so kudos to you Wiig!

But really, Darren has chemistry with everyone.

His hand:

This door handle:

This shirt:

This glass:

Those legs:

(okay I’m aware he really was making out with that girl)

I really tried to find a picture of him eating that apple but couldn’t find any picture of it.

So, basically Darren Criss can sell and fictional attraction.

Then there’s the scene where he tell’s Dara in french that her dress makes her ass look enormous. What. A. Guy. Like really, please be my knight in converse any day, Lee!

Now that I think about it, this post really has no point. It was mostly just me gushing about Darren Criss as Lee. Hopefully the next post won’t be so bad. The next post will focus on The Boosh and Ralph, two very important characters to the story.


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