Housebound: A movie that could persuade you not to be a criminal

The other day I was perusing through the limited variety my Blu-ray shows of what’s on Netflix. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood to watch, so I absent-mindedly clicked on comedy. The first thing to show up was a movie called Housebound. I remembered seeing this movie in the horror category. This piqued my interest because a funny horror movie sounded right up my alley. I gave it a shot, and was pleasantly surprised.

I don’t need to warn you that there may or may not be spoilers in this post, unless you haven’t seen my other posts, or you’ve figured out that the cut line was there for a reason.

Kylie is not going to want to be on house arrest every again, so she’ll probably clean her act up. Mission accomplished.

Anyway, Housebound was a great movie and I would give it 5 stars overall. It wasn’t scary, but it was creepy. It hit all the right moments with its jump-scares and the music. It was also gory, which I hate to admit, but I’m a fan of that. The plot was plausible, as well.

The movie is about Kylie, a 20-something woman living in New Zealand. She’s caught breaking into an ATM, and because other rehabilitation programs seemed to have failed her in the past, she is sentenced to house arrest for 8 months. An ankle bracelet is placed on her and if it’s tampered with a signal is sent to the officer nearby. She spends the first few days lazing around, yelling at her mom and ignoring her mom’s comments about the house being haunted.

Then she starts to experience things, like the computer blowing up, but then turning on in the middle of the night like nothing happened. Or her closet door opening, even hearing noises in the attic. But when she goes down to the basement one night after hearing her phone going off down there (which she couldn’t figure out how it got down there), her ankle is grabbed by a hand, and she falls over. Her mom finds her in the basement soon after, and a then they’re joined by my favorite character Amos,

Amos telling them to shush so he can conduct an evp session.

who is assigned to check out any signals sent to him from her bracelet. When he hears that the house is haunted, we learn that he’s an avid ghost hunter. He starts investigating the house.

After this, more things begin to happen to Kylie, and she soon begins to agree with her mom that the house is haunted. After learning that a girl was murdered in her room, and that the house used to be a rehabilitation clinic (talk about ironic), she’s determined to find out who killed the girl in her room.

This movie had a great atmosphere. Not only that, but the house itself was ginormous and spooky! I’d love to be in a house like that! Even if it was haunted! Anyway, I wouldn’t call the movie too scary, but I’m so desensitized to horror now that I wouldn’t know a scary movie anyway. Except for Sinister. I have some issues with that movie despite everyone else saying it wasn’t scary.

I’ve been on a horror movie kick lately. I watched Signs (a masterpiece to be honest),

then I watched Scream 4 (kinda campy but so great).

do u see rory being so cute?

These were mostly for Rory Culkin (surprise!), but also because they’re good movies. I don’t know how many people would agree with me about the Scream franchise, but I just adore it. It’s pretty consistent (the three main characters always live, always a twist as to who the second killer is, so on so forth). That, and I actually really like the character Sidney Prescott. She’s kinda badass, ya know?

Then I started the second Dead Snow, which was called Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, but never finished it. The first was bad, but it was at least a mystery. This one is just unbelievable. When I had stopped watching, the nazi zombies had stolen a tank! Not only that, but a guy got a zombie arm sewn to him while his arm is sewn to the zombie who lost the arm. Talk about weird!

YDOLO (You don’t only live once)–I’m sorry, that was so stupid, but I had to.

I re-watched The Last Days on Mars, which is actually really good. It was a bit hard to get my mom to watch it because she doesn’t like Liev Schreiber, but she eventually gave in. She ended up liking it as well. Maybe I’ll post about it some day.

I also finally watched The Village and I was blown away by it. I’ll probably post about that later too.

Anyway, my point was that I’ve watched a lot of horror movies in my lifetime. Some had been total shit, others made up for the lack of scares with an interesting plot. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything in the world, is the lack of a plot in a horror movie. I prefer the mysteries mostly, like for instance The Village had a nice plot to it. A bit weird, but it was a nice one. There are exceptions to movies that don’t have plots, like The Ruins, but I guess those tend to be more atmospheric. Housebound had bit of both. The first half was plot, the second half was running around and trying to survive, with a little plot here and there.

Kylie wasn’t likable at first. She was rude, self-centered, and thought that she didn’t need help. She probably didn’t need too much help, really. She just needed to change her attitude, and I guess being housebound was a good idea. Her mom was adorable and quirky.

I just want to hug her and tell her I’m sorry that Kylie was a bitch for most of the movie.She called into a radio station to tell them that her house was haunted. The when someone got stabbed in their house, she told the police it was a vengeful spirit. I found myself laughing a lot with the scenes she was in.

However, I think the reward for best scene goes to Kylie’s anger with her closet door. It opens by itself and she decides she isn’t gonna put up with that shit. She takes the door off of its hinges! That’s pretty practical, I think, because then it won’t happen again. But then a door inside the closet creaks open. Like, wtf? Why is there another door in there? Gosh, of course there’d be so that they could make it creepy and open that one too! I understand it was probably a crawl space, which actually creeps me out more than just a random door.

I guess my point is that this movie is really good, and that maybe you should give it a try. I also think you should give random movies a try more often. Not Grave Encounters 1 or 2 though. While they’re creepy, they’re pretty boring and the plots are just stupid. But I guess if you like stupid plots, or enjoy really bad lighting in films, they are right for you! In all fairness to them, they take place in an abandoned asylum so it’s not like they had some light bulbs that had strings they could pull. OKAY SORRY. Go watch Housebound please. Maybe some Rory Culkin films while you’re at it.


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