Small update because I have some stuff to say

Hello all! And by all I mean the occasional viewer and my one follower!

I just wanted to give an update about stuff. First off, tomorrow I’ll be going back up to school, and I’m a history major so that means nonstop reading. NONSTOP. And I am not known for good grades, so I need to get them up, so I apologize if I’m not updating often.

Currently I have two draft posts. One is about the movie Electrick Children, with which I’m entirely obsessed. Unfortunately, I am afraid my post will not do it justice, so it’s taken me a month to write it. Well, that’s partially because I was also in the middle of writing 4 essays (one was 10 pages long) and an exam, so you can understand those took precedence. It will eventually be finished, maybe tomorrow, maybe next year. Who knows.

I also started another one the other day that should be up within the week. It’s about a band I’ve started listening to lately, Catfish and the Bottlemen. I’m actually going to see them in June (I’m so excited!).

I’ve also recently watched a lot of movies (because my spring break was mostly spent home alone), and pretty much all of them were amazing, so I’ll probably try to post about them at some point. I also am reading a lot (like 100) books, and while I probably won’t get much reading for fun done, I might want to post about some of them. One of which is the Three Musketeers, which I adore so far. The BBC show is also a treat.

So basically, I have a lot planned, but I won’t have too much time. Maybe in the meantime I’ll get more followers or something. I know I’m not really good at the review thing, but I’m working on it.

Have a lovely day!

cats dancing with party hats


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