Catfish and the Bottlemen: A band I recently got into and think everyone else should too

I’m not telling you what to do, but I’m also not telling you to pass up this awesome opportunity to listen to this band. I guess if you don’t like The 1975, or the Arctic Monkeys, than maybe you don’t have to try them out. However, I highly recommend you do! All the cool kid’s are doing it!

All peer pressure aside, I want to explain to you, lovely human or martian, that these boys are talented and they are going places. Well, they literally are on tour right now, but besides that…

First, you need to know who these boys are and why I have only been listening to them.

Catfish and the Bottlemen have been a band for years, but only recently got noticed (well, abroad mostly, they were quite popular in the UK I guess). Their first album, The Balcony, came out in the USA in January of this year, and I got it on amazon for only $7. That’s quite the deal if you’re like me and you’re obsessed with them now.

It’s no secret that I get celebrity crushes like Obama gets criticism from the Republicans. Which is to say, a lot. I mean, obviously right now my big crush is Rory Culkin,

adorable taron being TOO adorable

and that is followed by Taron Egerton (who coincidentally, like catb, is welsh!).

But, see, I have a crush on ALL of Catfish and the Bottlemen! They’re all just so adorable!

You’ve got Van McCann, front man. He’s the lead singer, and from what I’ve gathered, he writes most of the lyrics. I guess he already has 2 more albums written? He seems to be really sweet, and

this is just a nice photo overall

he really wants a family. In a lot of interviews he talks about getting married and being a good husband and having a lot of kids and being a good dad. This seems pretty striking to me, because I find most guys in bands never talk about that. They talk mostly about touring and what-not. And while Van talks about that as well, he’s just very open.  Not only this, but this is a guy who is a year or two older me (I’m 21), and I have yet to find one who talks like this. Okay, that might be because I have yet to find a guy at all, but I’m one of those people who other people tend to talk loudly around because I don’t speak much in my classes. I have learned things about people I do not wish to have heard over the years, and not one of them was a guy who turns to his bro and says: “Dude, I really want to get married and have a shit ton of kids, ya know?” and his friend replies “Yeah me too!” (I want to say this is every girls dream, but tbh I don’t even think this is my own dream). I saw one interview where the interviewer was asking him why he didn’t want to do “normal” young adult things like partying and sleeping around. The look on Van’s face was great and he told him that he didn’t.

I’m not sure why that interviewer thinks it’s that common. In fact, I don’t really know anyone who sleeps around. And while I know some people that party, and have seen plenty of parties, none of my friends are those kind of people. We much prefer staying in, drinking magaritas and watching netflix. Okay, so that’s me and my mom, but my friends probably will do so if I ask them to. Not only that, but if I’m going out, it’s to a concert or a movie. Not to a party. I don’t like sloppy drunks, and I don’t like being around people I dislike. These two types of people all seem to gravitate towards parties, so I ignore them. But, enough about me.

He also talks a lot about how he loves to preform. He wants to make his fans happy, and seems to be achieving that from what I can tell. I kind of look up to him, I guess. He knows what he wants and he is working for it. While I can’t be sure if what he says is true, since I don’t know him personally, I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I gotta say, this guy seems like he’s genuine, and you gotta like genuine!

I wonder what he’s thinking about…Probably how rad he is.

Next we’ve got good ‘ole Bondy. Johnny “Bondy” Bond is the bands guitarist who took over when Billy left. To be honest, I don’t know too much about him. I also think he just never takes that hat off (okay, he did in one of their tour diaries). He looks like he’s a fun guy to be around, and he has mad guitar skills. I’ve heard him speak only a few times from the tour diaries. Him and Benji are pretty funny in those. Oh man, I’m so sorry Bondy! I don’t know much about you!

I also had a hard time finding some pictures of just him for this post. The one beside this paragraph is from tumblr, I put a link through to it because I don’t want to piss anyone off. Here’s another one because I just don’t know if you’ll be able to see him in any other pics because Van is always front and center (which I’m not complaining, he is also adorable and hes the lead singer…)

There’s also a bunch more pictures if you click this picture. Just in case you’re planning on buying that hat and need styling ideas, or you just think he’s adorable. I also should note that the photos aren’t all just Bondy!

Then there is the adorable deer-in-the-headlights Benji! Benji Blakeway is this adorable afro-laden lad with wide eyes and mad bass skills.

here we have benji and bondy being cuties

His voice is also highly entertaining and I am just in awe whenever I see him in pictures and videos because he just doesn’t seem real to me. Like, how is he a person? I’ve seen pictures of him where he looks so happy, and then others where he looks like Eyore after his lost his house yet again. I guess for a better picture of both Benji and Bondy you should watch the Tour Diary Videos, which I’ll link to at the end of the post.


The last member is Bob Hall, the drummer, and probably part time model, I’m not sure, but he should be. His eyes are strikingly blue and his hair is just as wild as Benji’s. He’s a pretty great drummer, and whenever Van talks about him he gushes about how good he is. In the tour diary’s he’s always in the back of the bus or something on a conference call with other drummers

Ladies and Gentlemen, BOB HALL.

and it’s just the cutest thing ever. When I watch live performances I really prefer to watch him because his hair is highly entertaining, and really the drummers are the most energetic.

Larry, the guitar tech, also needs to be mentioned because they tease him

Larry and Van

mercilessly and I want to hug him. Him and Van are like best buds and it’s really cute too (like everything else this band does/is).

So this is far from a professional review of some sort, and it’s highly biased, however, I’m pleased with it because I have explained what I do know about the band. You’re probably assuming that I don’t even listen to them at all and just look at cute pictures of them and compare them to cute pictures of puppies or something, which I mean, I do, BUT, I listen to them as well!

My favorite song by them is Cocoon. I feel as though this sounds a bit cliche, however, because from what I gather, it’s the most well known song by them, other than Kathleen. There’s just something about the way Van sings the first and second verses, though. “I fall straight into your arms, like a drunk who’s been on it all morning…” (granted not the sweetest lyrics, but hey, if he’s not really drunk, I’m okay with it, unless he is a pukey drunk). Have you ever listened to a song that you can feel in your bones? I guess if you haven’t, you must think that I’m insane, but this is what truly happened the first time I listened to it. Ever since hearing it the first time, I cannot listen to it without turning it up louder than the rest, as well as singing along. The music video also sits on my heart pretty heavily.

I guess I do have a soft spot for any story that takes place in a mental institution, which is where the video takes place. There are a certain few stories I refuse to acknowledge (like the movie adaptation of Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of a Funny Story – Bad casting!), but ever since reading/watching Girl, Interrupted, and getting a dose of some bell jar depression, I am naturally drawn to the story arc of a girl and a boy meeting in a mental ward and falling in love. I guess it’s partially because some days I just stop what I’m doing and feel so lost that I think “Huh, I could just check myself into the psychward and just check out of life for a while”. I mean, it’s not a selfish thought, its honestly me feeling so lost and depressed that I just want to sign my freedom away for some routine lifestyle where I don’t have to go out into the world. And, anyway, while I don’t rule out love in a psychward, I’d be focusing on me me me and recovery, so don’t think I have some messed up idea about society.  ENOUGH TMI ABOUT ME!

Do they even do lobotomy’s anymore? Anyway, check out Cocoon:

They also do lovely live versions too. There’s a couple covers that I really love that they do, like this one that Van does of Read My Mind by The Killers:

Here’s the first tour diary in case you wanted to watch it:

Basically, listen to them (or don’t). They’re pretty great, and they deserve the recognition. Here’s some more images of them so that you can adore these cuties too:


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