A look at how I fell in love with the band Twenty One Pilots

For years I’d seen posts on tumblr about some band called Twenty One Pilots. Never 21 Pilots, always spelled out: Twenty One Pilots. Who were they and why were there 21 of them? This is something I would ponder briefly and then move on to staring at pictures of my latest celeb crush (mostly Matty Healy and his adorable loser self). The people who would post about this band were people that listened to The 1975, and even Catfish and the Bottlemen, so I had to trust their taste in music. I just never really gave this pilot band a try.

And then late April I kept seeing gifs and screencaps of these two weirdo’s. Although, adorable weirdos, but WHAT WAS WITH THE HAIR AND THE MAKEUP AND THE INK ON THE NECK AND HANDS? The images in question:

Are those leggings? Are those capri suns? Where can I sign up to be their #1 fan?

Needless to say, I was baffled. Who were these man-babies? Why were they riding trikes to band practice? Why were they so stressed out, and why could I relate so damn much to them? So, being me, I did some research and found some stuff out about these men. First off, the two man-children are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

Josh (left) and Tyler (right)

The only two members of Twenty One Pilots, because they murdered the other 18 members. JK. There used to be three, but two quit and then Tyler saw that Josh was totally sick at the drums and well the rest is history. Okay, not really, because they’re fairly new, however I am so late to the Twenty One Pilots bandwagon that I feel so ashamed. They are basically the band to end all bands. That sounds so dramatic and maybe that’s the 3am-sara talking, but seriously. They are pretty much every genre (except for country). Tyler raps, sings, dances, plays the piano, and now suddenly has whipped out a bass? He also plays the ukulele. Can you say “YAAAS!”? Also, Josh’s hair changes colors at the same pace of most of their songs, so try that on for size! BAM.

We need to take a look at their older stuff first before I get into the new Blurryface stuff because that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. First and foremost, there’s a whole CD (self titled) from before Josh. This makes me a bit sad, because he’s pretty rad. But anyway, my favorite from this CD is The Pantaloon, and here’s a live video with Josh drumming to it:

I won’t get too much into that CD. It’s really good, and all of it’s on Amazon Prime and Spotify, so check it out. My favorites also include A Car, A Torch, A Death, An Addict With a Pen, and Air Catcher. The piano is phenomenal on this CD.

Once Josh joined, they released a CD together, Vessel. This is one of those few CD’s that you could listen to on repeat and not even skip a song once. The first song I fell in love with by them, however, was Guns for Hands. It’s catchy and upbeat, and I quite enjoy the video for it. Check it out:

The beginnings a bit weird, but it’s also quite adorable?

Then the song that is now my favorite by them, is Holding Onto You. At first I didn’t like the video, but then I went back and re-watched it, and found it quite interesting:

Then I kept hearing about this song, Car Radio. Like, what is that? WELL I’LL TELL YOU WHAT. DEPRESSING. SOMEONE STOLE HIS CAR RADIO…and well, here:

There’s so much more to this CD than these three songs. Their album cover even features Tyler and Josh’s grandpas. Like how cute is that?

Now, we’re anticipating their latest CD, Blurryface. It’s going to be the amazing tbh. Their promotions for the CD are beyond cool. They’d been releasing songs every week, leading up to the release (which is next week). Here are a few of the videos:

I think Tyler looks a bit like Eminem in some parts of the Fairly Local video, but he’s much cuter. And, anyway, I like Tyler’s message more than anything Eminem ever said… Also, check out Josh’s makeup? I am attracted to him? I’m not questioning it anymore, but when I first saw this I was like “WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO THESE TWO MEN?”

PS the most adorable thing about this video is that the blonde lady is Tyler’s wife, Jenna! SQUEALS!


Everything about this video is great. Especially when you think about how they got to choose what to do with it and stuff. The capri suns, the trikes, the handshake, the costumes, and also, those are their real families, and houses. Sweet stuff, right?

The latest is Ride, which was posted not too long ago:

This video is simple and…well…probably my favorite? It’s perfect for the song, really, and Tyler dancing with the bass and Josh just drumming in the woods…Great stuff man.

Also, “Blurryface” leaked the album, so if you search around, you can find some of the other new songs (my favorite so far is Heavydirtysoul). Tumblr has a bunch if you search them. But really, if you like their stuff, buy it. I’m waiting for some money so I can preorder Blurryface, or buy it because it looks like it will be out before I can preorder it (lol?)

If you’re not fully sold yet, please check out this compilation of their promo’s for preordering Blurryface. They’re adorable human beings who deserve the love:

How could you deny these boys the very least, a few minutes of your time?

It is now 4am and I have a discussion I’m supposed to lead in a class at 2:30 pm tomorrow about the USSR and WWII. Fun. Enjoy your new favorite band.

With love, Sara and her professor who will not be happy about the lack of energy she has.


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