This is just an update on my last post about Twenty One Pilots. I bought Blurryface today and am totally in love with it.

The packaging is super cool, and as expected its amazing. No song on here is like the others. There isn’t only one genre. The instruments range from piano, ukulele, drums, trumpets, saxophones, synthesizers, and even and organ in one song.  So it’s basically got a bit of everything for everyone.

My favorite part of the booklet is when they list the producers and administrators and what-not, because underneath is says: “Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. Dun.”

kirsten wigg i use this a lot


here’s my cd. cool man.

The red isn’t really on the album, it’s actually a cool screen thing and I found it amusing.

So this wasn’t a review, just kind of an update. I’m pretty tired now, so I don’t think I’ll be writing an actual post. Just thought you guys would know. If you want to get it, Best Buy has a coupon you can use to get $2 off. I accidentally misread it, and thought it said may 18, but it starts may 19, however I seemed to get lucky and asked the right person about it, and he said since it was just a day he’d let me use it so that I. didn’t have to come back the next day. I was like “That’s cool!” He told me just to tell the cashier his name and that he said that and when I did the guy was like “Oh cool. I have to do what he says anyways since he’s my boss.” So that was funny. But a really nice experience. I’m not used to nice Best Buy people to be honest… But I guess the Appleton Best Buy people are nice? I feel like that bath and body works video about Jen? from Appleton was really misleading about Appleton citizens because from what I’ve seen in the past three years is nothing but nice people! (sorry off topic)

Anyway, head over to itunes or Amazon to download it. I think Google has it too. But, best buy has the best deal because of the coupon, so try them if you want the physical copy. I do know that Target does price matching, but I don’t think they have it in stores, but they’re worth a try. I imagine most stores do price matching too, so maybe even Walmart? I feel like Barnes & Noble would probably not be a good choice, but they do have a good selection of music (one that tends to be MUCH better than Walmarts and sometimes Best Buy’s. Target depends on the genre tbh). So yeah, this has been Sara’s shopping guide to finding Blurryface. I really urge you to buy it, not download it illegally, because these boys have put so much work into their music and they deserve the money and the recognition.

peace out


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