A look at how things are going…

Hello all! And by all, I mean the few people that check out this blog once and a while. This is mostly just a post to tell you that I’m going to attempt to get some more posts out. And by posts, I mean things that aren’t total nonsense. I realize my “reviews” are not great, and they consist mostly of my blabbering, and for that, I’m sorry.

I’ve got some posts going, such as: Sense8, Suburban Gothic, and that Electrick Children post is still sitting there gathering dust. I also am planning on writing a post about Summerfest (the music festival Milwaukee hosts every summer from the last week of June into the first week of July). They usually get some great performers, and it’s definitely an experience. I personally saw Brand New and Manchester Orchestra on the 1st of July. Speaking of Brand New, there will eventually be a post on that, and some other things, like movies I really enjoy (Kingsman, Stand By Me…)

So yeah.  have 2 more months ahead of me until my senior year of college (*intense stressing out*). Please stick by my shitty blog and I will love you forever!


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