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Hey guys! I almost forgot to do my Music Monday post! That would have been a disaster! Well, here it is, short and simple!

My recommendations for today are only two:

The Sun by Tigers Jaw

I discovered these guys on Tumblr (where I find a lot of my music), but only listened to one song by them until recently. I really like the way The Sun sounds, same for the lyrics. They’re pretty cool.

Out Of The Blue by Aly and Aj

Okay, so this is both kinda old and cheesy, but I still love me some Aly and AJ. I remember listening to only them on the bus in 6th grade, so there’s that.

This post is pretty boring, but I’m hurrying up so I can finish a movie I started watching this morning. It’s got Ryan Phillippe and he has blue hair. *swoon* ALSO I discovered that my best friend literally lives across the street from 88.9?! Catfish and the Bottleman were there! Urgh.


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