Music Monday

Monday’s are usually spectacularly shitty days, so here’s some good news: One, a new episode of Teen Wolf is on tonight and things are getting really hectic on there. And two, it’s music Monday! I would make a large post to make up for the lack of Music Monday’s the past two weeks, but I don’t have much to recommend today.I only have one song.

I Know What I Am by Band Of Skulls

I’d almost forgotten about this song, but it came on while my friend drove me home today, and I was reminded of how much we used to love this song.

“HO-TEL, TACO BELL!” You just don’t get lyrics better than that!

I do have one more song to recommend, but I am not sure how to find it. It’s a song called Mortimer by a band from Wisconsin called The Sleepwalkers. Since it’s such a common name, and since they don’t have much about them on the internet, it’s extremely hard to find it anywhere! I did however find their bandcamp here, where you can purchase the song for $1.

Favorite lyric: “At the end of the day, even from Green Bay, you’ve got a friend in me.” AJDKLJAK! Adorable!


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