I thought I would take a detour from my usual posts about movies and music to talk about other things. First things first, I haven’t been listening to much music lately, so Music Monday’s are proving to be quite hard. In fact, I’ve spent more time watching TV than anything since my mom had surgery and is confined to the recliner in the living room, so I’ve been keeping her company. That, and I’ve spent most of my days chasing the spawn of the devil AKA Charles the cat, one of the two cats we got in June. They’re really the cutest things ever, but so much work! Charles is 1 1/2 years old, and Nora (my baby) is nearing 9 months? Neither knew each other before we got them, but they get along fine. It’s just that Charles was a stray, and had only been at the Humane Society for a short period of time, so he is really taking a while to getting used to things here. First off, he isn’t used to getting a regular meal, so when we first brought him home, he was eating anything and everything, and within two weeks had swallowed something that he shouldn’t have, which led to him puking all day. I, unfortunately, was home alone, so I spent all day worried and cleaning up after him. He also LOVES to climb, and he will climb anything, even if it has stuff in it. So far, he has knocked over a cup of water and my pill box, which led to some of my pills to disintegrate. Not good at all. Most of my breakables are in my dresser now, and my room has been taken over by cats. We have two cat posts in here, a litter box and their food bowls also go in here (my older dog will eat their food if we leave it downstairs, a problem we had with Mitzie, our cat that passed in June.). So anyway, that’s an adventure.

I’ve also been to about two concerts, a baseball game and a race, so I’ve been busy. Oh, and a water park. I don’t even go back up to school until Sept. 12, and I’m kinda ready to go back. It will be my senior year. I want to just get it over with so I can move on with my life. So far, college has been better than any other school I’ve gone to (I hated my High School years, and I still have nightmares about Middle School). I also am anxious to be able to start my career, which will hopefully involve museums.

Now this post was going to be something different, but it has turned more into an update post. So sorry!


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