A few fanmixes you should check out and also a bit of an update

HELLO ALL! (Or should I just say hello to myself?)

A heads up for all of you. School starts on Monday for me. This means that I may not be able to post for a while. I mean, not like I post all the time, but…Well, you get it. Because it’s my senior year, I will be busy busy busy! I’m taking one extra class in order to get my Museum Studies program done by the time I graduate in June. I also am hoping to get some experience so that I have at least some possibility of getting a job right out of college. That means I need to network a lot and be extra awesome at school.

I’m really excited though, since I applied for a job in the archives. I also am taking a class on the American Revolution which should be extra cool because it’s a higher level class. WOO!

There’s also the fact that I’ve got bronchitis. That means I may just be too tired to make many posts. Or that I have a lot of free time (which theoretically I shouldn’t since I need to pack).

I’m trying to get some more stuff out for all of you to read. I just have yet to find the subject. What do you want to read? Is there anything I’ve done so far that you’ve enjoyed?

So to hold you over, here’s a list of some cool ass playlists I’ve found. They’re all fanmixes and they’re all quite good. Enjoy!

With All My Heart by mindlessdesigns

This is a playlist inspired by Doc Roe from Band of Brothers. In Band of Brothers Shane Taylor plays Eugene Roe, the medic of Easy Co. If you’ve never seen Band of Brothers, I really recommend it. I’m a little obsessed with it, and the history of the real guys from Easy Co. They’re an inspiration for me. Doc Roe is easily my favorite member of the group, even though there isn’t much known about the real Doc Roe. I chose this playlist because I listened to it the other day and thought it was quite fitting for Roe, so enjoy!

doc roe is kinda sorta really angry
Cutie Doc Roe being angry at Sobel for getting them killed in a war training exercise.

And I Pray A Lot For You by lily-sevin

Another Roe playlist that is perfect.

Flash Gordon Mostly by somedumbindiething

Joe Liebgott is also someone else from Band Of Brothers. Good old, hot-tempered Skinny Joe Liebgott. This playlist is basically one giant lovesong to him, so listen to it bro.

Liebgott in the flash gordon scene I think
Liebgott in the flash gordon scene I think

Jack Drinks Jack by hello_die

A playlist for Jack Mercer. I’m not sure if any of you have picked this up yet, but I am totally in love with the movie Four Brothers. In fact, I rewatched it on Monday and was thinking of rewriting this post because it doesn’t do that movie justice and it makes me cringe SO MUCH. I’m sure a lot of people would be quick to jump and say that it’s nothing all that great, but I guess maybe some people don’t actually pay attention to character details like me. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it comes to Jack Mercer. Oh boy, that kid has some issues and I am a sucker for trying to find more everytime I watch it. So go watch the movie and listen to this great playlist.

Never Worry by jmandrake

This is a playlist for Nancy Drew & co. Not only does it have a picture of Nancy from the 70’s Hardy Boy & Nancy Drew Mysteries as the cover, but it’s kinda got a 70’s vibe to it, which I dig. Having loved that show (its before my time, but when we first got Netflix, I remember ordering the DVD’s for it and watching it after school) and anything Nancy Drew related, I really enjoyed this playlist. I thought that the person who created the mix really put a lot of thought into it and this resulted in a great playlist. So, check it out. Maybe also listen to the theme song for the 70’s show too because it’s stuck in my head and I’m annoyed by that. You know what, I don’t trust that you will go and find it so here it is:

It’s Not Unusual by emily-the-first

This is a fanmix for the sad OTP that isn’ gonna happen anytime soon: Bess Marvin and Joe Hardy.  I personally think the two are perfect for each other, but ya know. Can’t always have it your way… This mix is light and cute and I want to listen to it always, so you’re welcome.

Until We Bleed by pambeesly


My Kind of High Rollin’ by morbidlyobscure

These two are listed together because they’re both Seth Gecko x Kate Fuller fanmixes. If you haven’t seen the show, From Dusk Till Dawn, then you are really missing out. It’s based off of the cheesy film from the 90’s with George Clooney and Quinten Tarentino, and it’s kinda awful, but I love it. Anyway, because I’m a sucker for romance and sad OTPs that may not ever happen, I’m obviously attracted to the idea of SethxKate. People who make SethxKate mixes on 8tracks tend to do a good job. These are just two of many playlists that are good examples. I chose them since I had put them into my otp collection and my sethxkate collection, so I’m not saying they’re my favorites, but they’re definitely really good.

I Do Rule by martinducreff

I Do Rule is a playlist dedicated to the amazing character of Ezekiel Jones from TNT’s spinoff show of their Librarian movies, The Librarians. It’s kind like Syfy’s show, Warehouse 13, if you ever watched that, except it’s got the greatest character ever, Ezekiel Jones. Not only is he adorable, but I find him really hilarious. Anyway, I thought this was a great playlist because it really does sound like stuff he’d listen to.

some of the best faces from from Ezekiel.
some of the best faces from from Ezekiel.
Do you see that?!
Do you see that?!

Usually Quite Loud by untiltheygo

This playlist is a Spaced themed playlist. If you’ve never seen Spaced, then please find a way to check it out. It’s a show with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost before Shaun Of the Dead and the other Cornetto Trilogy movies were a thing. It’s got a great premise, and is pretty funny. Although, if you don’t watch a lot of British shows you may not find it as funny. I’m not sure. I would definitely recommend giving it a try anyway. Also listen to this playlist! It’s fun and really reminds me of the show!

The Cornetto Trilogy

If you go through all of these, hit me up for more, or just look through my liked playlists on 8tracks.

What do you think of these? Have anymore to recommend that you think I’d like?


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