Essay Topics and Rambles

I feel bad. I haven’t written a blog in over a week. I’ve mostly been too depressed to write anything. I’m not sure what brought that on, but I’ve been really stressed and anxious, so I have a feeling that just triggered it. Anyway, I’m mostly writing to apologize because my shitty blog is now even shittier because lack of blogs.

Anyway, I have to come up with topics for three different essays, and its agonizing! And when I say agonizing, I mean, AGGGGONNNNIIIIZZZZINNNG! AHHH! I’ve been really stressed about that for the whole 3 weeks I’ve been here. Well, I mean, this is the 3rd week, but it feels like the 30th or something. There’s only 10 weeks in a term really, so that’s a slight (only slight) overreaction. Anyway, I need 3 different topic ideas, and it’s not going so well. My first topic was for an essay proposal (which sounds harder than a regular essay because that’s all I know). It has to relate to the American Revolution, since that’s what the class is about. I want to talk about Washington’s spies. However, I need to narrow it down. Not only is there too much to narrow it down, but there’s not even enough resources about it! I mean, for my Alvin Clark Project, I managed to pull resources out of nothing. I have no idea how I was able to find all of that stuff! But I did, so I am willing to take the risk. However, that still doesn’t narrow the topic down! I really want to talk about Benjamin Tallmadge (leader of the Washington’s spy ring in case you don’t know or don’t watch Turn). However, there’s nothing on him! I mean, books about spies, but him particularly? Nope! So then I was like, well wouldn’t it be interesting to look at how Nathan Hale’s mission went so wrong he was executed? I might change my topic to that, since I know there are resources on that. It would be one thing if this were HIgh School, and I could use the regular old internet, but nope. Because I’m a History Major I need to use all the fancy resources like JStore, or all the other academic resources. Which, I mean, yeah, that usually works better than google, too be honest. Sometimes. Okay, many was the wrong word…

The second topic is for my Intro to the Art Museum class. As you guys know, Museums are my jam and it’s my dream to work (LIVE) in a museum. This class is okay. I mean, I like it because all we do is talk about Museums. However, I don’t really like the articles we’re reading. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so stressed and depressed, but I don’t like them. Anyway, I need to make an Exhibit Proposal. I was so excited about it at first. BUT you need an exhibit catalog. She said it’s required. This isn’t good since I’m not doing an Art Exhibit specifically. I mean, art’s great, but history is my jam! I personally want to look at the Titanic Exhibit, you know the one that traveled around? I went to it twice because Shipwrecks are my thing. So naturally, I still remember it and think it was one of the most amazing exhibits ever, so why not write about it? It’s going to be like a proposal for an exhibit, so I would research past Titanic exhibits and use them to frame my own. It actually is cool. Just not when you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing! So I need to work on that. The paragraph for our topic is due Thursday so I need to get on this. I’m embarrassed that I haven’t done anything, but I’ve been stressing so much over everyday homework and then the other project that I’ve kinda blanked on this one. Nice one, Sara.

The last one is a 30-40 page essay for my Historiography class. Um. Yeah. I’m totally fine with the length. I would be lying if I didn’t say I got excited about being able to write 30 pages on something of my choice (HELLO CHERNOBYL PAPER!), so I’m excited. But he literally is letting us choose anything! I hate it when they don’t give you at least some guidelines. I’m not creative enough to write my own topic. So, I was really surprised when today during Historiography, it clicked in my head. I want to write about the history of Disneyland! Then I remembered I have a book about it! But when I checked it just now, it actually was about Disney World. So I wonder if maybe it could just be about Disney Theme Parks in America? I don’t know. I’ll talk to my friends and get their opinion.

Also, yesterday was frustrating in the collections. The other groups have taken it upon themselves to label the objects before entering them into the computer. It sounds reasonable, except, we assumed they were all on the computer since they had a number on them. Nope. Many of the objects weren’t entered. We were trying to package the items, and some were already wrapped and we had to unwrap them and enter them in. It was stupid, too be honest. The other girl talked to the Professor in charge and he agreed and is probably gonna talk to the other students. Hopefully they don’t do it again. They’re gonna have to fix the problem anyway, because we gave up when we had 10 minutes left. The other girl had an essay to edit or something and I wasn’t gonna deal with it alone. So, I mean, we got a lot done yesterday, but it was still a pretty annoying day.

So, yeah. There’s an update on my life that you probably didn’t even read all the way. Hope you guys have had a good Monday and Tuesday. I haven’t quite, but it’s feeling like fall outside and Fall is my favorite season. Also, my birthday is coming up in a little less than a month. And on the 30th of October I get to see Twenty One Pilots in concert, and maybe my hero Sarah Vowell on Halloween. I’m not sure. Her new book is about Lafayette which is really topical to my American Revolution class, so I’m extra excited! ALSO HALLOWEEN! My favorite holiday! Sadly my ghost lights are broken. A month before Halloween too. Which, also means I can probably find them again. I don’t know. I got them my freshman year in early October from Wal-Mart. So we’ll see.

Seeya later Bros!


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