Nathan Hale and dreams

Hello all! This is a small post to tell you two things: The first being that I have rediscovered the amazing web-comic The Dreamer. Check it out. It’s about a girl who time travels in her dreams to the American Revolution, where she meets

My personal favorite cover.

historical figures like Benjamin Tallmadge, Alexander Hamilton or my personal fave, and love of my life, Nathan Hale. Because of this, it has come to my attention that I may have to write my essay proposal on him because I’ve been fascinated with him longer than I have even known about Benjamin Tallmadge, and even though

One of the issues with Nathan on the cover.

the two knew each other, and one was a successful spy, and the other wasn’t, I still have a spot for Nathan Hale in my heart. So, my second thing to tell you guys was how excited I am to be reading about Nathan Hale.  Every time I think of him I get sad, so I guess I’ll just have to write a really great essay proposal so he’d be proud! Or he’s probably thinking I’m creepy, but I mean, who doesn’t already think that?

In other news, I’m going to go and read a few chapters in the Nathan Hale book and then watch Saving Mr. Banks to increase the tears. Hope you’re all doing well, and that you’re excited about fall! I am! October is my birthday month, and Halloween happens this month too! So, basically October is the best. On the 30th is the Twenty One Pilots concert, and then on Halloween Sarah Vowell is going to be in Milwaukee, so I am going to try and go because she is my hero, and her new book is about the Revolution (kinda), so I’m pretty stoked about that! So, until the next time I have more stuff to recommend!


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