Fanmixes Pt 2

Hey all! I’m back from the no-inspiration train!

First off, a quick update on me so you know I’m not dead (skip to the bold if you don’t want to read about me): I went home this past weekend to celebrate my birthday (I don’t feel 22, no matter how many times Taylor Swift gets stuck in my head). I went to a cool Apple Orchard near the Wisconsin/Illinois Border called Apple Holler and had a good time despite the rain. It was kinda expensive, especially for an out of work college student, but I still got to feed some goats and read about Johnny Appleseed. Plus the have really good Apple Dumplings, so I highly recommend it. Next Friday is the Twenty One Pilots concert, so BE EXCITED!

Now on to the actual post:

I’ve recently been trying to listen to 8tracks more, mostly to get out of new obsessions. Needless to say, I have a few playlists to share.

bb seth in Private Romeo (2011).

These are the only two Private Romeo Fanmixes/Soundtrack Mixes that I could find. If you’ve never heard of Private Romeo, please don’t feel bad. It’s a twist on Romeo and Juliet. It takes place at a military school, and Juliet is a guy. It also stars the fabulous Seth Numrich as Romeo, which is the sole reason why I watched it. I ended up really liking it, even if I seem to really not like Shakespere. This is probably because I have issues with being forced to read things. We read McBeth and Hamlet in school, so I never fully read Romeo and Juliet (that may or may not be true because I could have read it in middle school since my middle school was really into the arts and I took a few drama classes because of that. I know for sure we read Antigone). And while I found Hamlet highly amusing, it still gave me a headache, so you can see why I was unsure at first. But it was a beautiful movie, and I recommend it if you want a good love story (forget all you know about Romeo and Juliet, okay?)

Imagine my surprise when I found a Nathan Hale fanmix on 8tracks! I was so happy! And it turned out to actually be really good, especially in terms of being topical to him and his story. So basically, if you’re learning about him, jam out to these songs plz. It deserves attention, because I want more historical figure fanmixes. I think The Decemberists song (This Is Why We Fight) really works out great for Nathan and his cause. HISTORYUPBRO! (sorry, just let me fangirl over here especially now that I’m older than Nathan than when he died at the age of 21, still bummed bro)

The first of many Turn fanmixes. This one is probably my favorite because it’s mostly focused on the friendship between Benjamin Tallmadge and Celeb Brewster. And I mean, for the record, including a Radical Face song always gets points in my book, especially because it usually adds to the feeling of the mix real well. In this case they chose a song I don’t know well by Radical Face, Glory, but it works out a little too well for this mix.

Another fanmix for these brothers from different mothers, and its perfect! The creator made sure to include what lyrics that made them decide to include the song. For instance, the first song is Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE. The lyrics in this specific song that are quoted are:

“Brother let me be your shelter! I’ll never leave you all alone. I can be the one you call when you’re low. Brother let me be your fortress! When the night winds are driving on. Be the one to light the way, bring you home.”

This actually fits the two perfectly since the two would do ANYTHING for eachother. I’m pretty sure if you counted the amount of hugs in this show, more than half of them would be because of these two just can’t stop hugging. It’s almost a love story, sheesh, but a good one. ALSO: Another Radical Face song, so extra points!

A Ben Tallmadge fanmix. The description describes it best:

“A mix for the beautiful boy with a heart of gold and resolve of steel.”

Not only does it include Twenty One Pilots, but it’s just a lovely mix, so check it out! There are a few songs by some bands I don’t like, but obviously that would just be stupid to discriminate a playlist because of that.

These are fanmixes for the lovely BBC Miniseries, North & South. Basically it’s got Thorin from the Hobbit movies falling in love with a really pretty lady who speaks her mind and is very educated for a lady of her time. It’s a great series to watch if you want some good old atmospheric love story with Industrial England as the backdrop (and a portion of a the plot).  Or if you’re really into worker’s rights in the 19th century. I’ve still got to read the book it’s based off of, but I will eventually. They’ve got it on Amazon Kindle for free.


Idk what Caleb said but Ben is done with his bullshit!

There are other playlists I’ve listened to but didn’t mention because then I would have to go back and re listen, but I wasn’t feelin music by the time I got to the last playlist, despite it being good. So, while these aren’t normal fanmixes, they’re all really good and so I think you should go listen to them. Thanks!


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