Sorry I lied: My break, the first part of this term, and other things

Hello. I haven’t updated for a while and the last I did was to say I would do some reviews while I dogsat. I lied. Sorry! I did watch a whole bunch of movies while there so maybe just check out my letterboxd account, which I update almost everyday because I try to always fit in a movie since it usually helps me unwind.

I’ll write a post telling you about all the new stuff I’ve gotten since last time. I’ve gotten A LOT. Also, some new youtube channels have been discovered by me so look forward to that. Aside from that, my break ended on a scary note. My dad almost died. Like in our kitchen. He’s fine now, still recovering. He had to have triple bypass surgery which was a shock to everyone because out of everyone in our house, dad’s the most fit. He apparently was perfectly healthy except for the fact that he had 80% blockage in his arteries…

So now I feel like puking when I think about how close we were to loosing him. Nothing like seeing your dad seize on the floor of the kitchen. We had the paramedics come and there were like 8 firemen in our house, which is the size of a shoebox, so hey…

He’s fine now, like I said. The doctors said his “new” heart would last him a while…so now I just keep imagining him with an iron heart or something.

I’m actually almost done with my winter term. Kind of weird knowing that this is the last winter here. Weird and sad. I like it here and I like my friends.

I also have a legit crush for the first time since I was a junior in high school, which is both GREAT and AWFUL. He has really nice hair, but I won’t say more, mostly because I’ve also remembered how creepy I feel when I like someone. I also get really sad about it too, since I’m convinced I’ll end up alone. Whatever.

I’m also going to the aquarium in Chicago this weekend and I’m pretty excited so maybe I’ll update you about that later.


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