Kind of a revival of music monday, but not

So, while being lost on the interwebs I came across a new band for me to listen to obsessively. First off, if you like 90’s pop, mixed a bit with backstreet boys meets new kids on the block, you may like them. But then you have to throw in some of the 1975’s first full album (think a bit She Way Out and Falling for you), then take really aesthetically pleasing pictures on film, throw some beautiful hot pink lyrics on the grainy photos for the album booklet, and you have Make Out by LANY. HELLO. YES. PLEASE. I really wanted to put up at least one of the pictures from the booklet, but I don’t know how they feel about that? Plus, you get the booklet with the cd, so go buy it.


So far I’m really digging it all, but I seem to be drawn to BRB/Kiss and Bad Bad Bad. Their lyrics are the kind I can really dig. So easy to relate to. Plus anyone who has the lyrics “and ya need to know I’m hella obsessed with your face” is automatically my new fave.

Check em out. Make out is only $2.99 on amazon right now. Their other cd is $4.99. I think they’re worth it, so do it bros.


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