A heads up for my non-existent readers:

Howdy! I’m just writing to keep you guys updated! First off, I’m on spring break until Easter, so hopefully I’ll post some more. While I want to tell you I will, I must forewarn you that I’ve said things like that, and then go and only post 2 things a term. So please don’t take this as a promise. I’m not even going to update you guys on my mental health because it is a fucking mess. I may or may not be sick. Again. Seriously, I can’t come home without getting sick because someone is always sick here! At least I have my cats.

Secondly, I thought I would give a heads up on what the next posts may look like. I’ve been really into War and Peace (please read the last post on the new series), and have since started reading the book as well as watching any adaption I can. Obviously, this is time consuming since the book is really long and the adaptions are long as well (the movie version alone is 3 hours. I think at least one of the mini-series is around 8+ hours?). Anyway, I really love comparing and contrasting things, so as I get further in the book and as I watch different adaptions, I will probably post randomly to update you guys, so basically it’s a series of War and Peace posts.

I’ve also recently re-watched The Outsiders and started rereading that. I don’t think I’ve ever explained how much I love that book, and the movie as well. It’s not even that great of a movie, but I’ll probably yell at you if you say that (even if I know deep down you’re right). The feels! I just have a lot of love for the characters, especially Dally because he’s a really complex character and I just love doing analysis of characters (for example, my Four Brothers post basically did that). So ya know, there’s that.

Outside of that (hahaha, the outsiders, outside of that…get it?) I have been trying to make a moodboard every few days, so I may post some of them on here. Not sure. They haven’t been well received on Tumblr (probably because they’re shit), except for my Cinderella one. So anyway, I’ll post them here for anyone who has come here outside of my tumblr.

I might do a series of posts on shitty movies I love (looking at you Blue Lagoon: The Awakening).

So, until then, stay dandy, peace out! Пока! Whatever!

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall. No, actually here’s a picture of Humphrey Bogart with a penguin. WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?

P.S. !!!!!! Exploring With Josh got to go to Chernobyl, and I realized I’ve never expressed my morbid obsession with it. A lot of people are like “Oh yeah, its an Urban Explorers dream!” But my obsession goes past that. I literally got into college because of an essay I wrote, and have written about 4 other essays on it. In my Russian I class I did a presentation on it in Russian, so I’m kinda…obsessed. Like, if you ever have questions about it, I’m your girl. I’ll have to do a post about it, especially since the 30th anniversary is next month (holy shit guys!)



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