Some paranormal stories/videos on youtube

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I come bearing gifts! Well, not physical gifts because I am broke, but here’s a new list of Youtubers to watch.

As you know (or maybe it hasn’t come across as well as I hoped), I love love love anything to do with the paranormal. Really, anything weird and the unexplained, but I’m especially interested in ghosts and whatnot. I’ve stated before that I had some weird experiences before, but nothing that I could really classify as a genuine ghost (much to my dismay). Once I’m out of school and have a job/money, and my license(probably the only 22yo who doesn’t…), I plan on going on some sort of a ghost road trip, hopefully with my buddy, Cassie (who has long had these plans with me). But, currently, I’m stuck here (only about a month and a half left!).

To bide my time, I watch youtube videos of ghost investigations and story times. Are they real? Maybe not. I personally like to have the benefit of the doubt, and tend to believe the stories. Granted, if you come to me and say you think your house is haunted, I will probably brush you off until you give me more than just doors closing on their own. I mean, we have this cabinet door in the kitchen that is broken and will just swing open randomly. My house is poorly made, so I chalk it off to that. So, while it’s random, and it squeaks while doing so, my first thought is not “Oh shit. It’s a ghost.” My first thought is, “Ah, thanks house for reminding me of how poorly built you are!”. I mean, we have orange counter-tops. And I’m not talking about a nice, light peach. No, I’m talking about like a shade darker than orange orange. Like, almost, dare I say, Blood Orange(cringe).GAH-ROSS.

Anyway, my point is that, while I believe in ghosts, I’m kind of skeptical. If that makes sense?

One of my new favorite things, is when youtubers do story times. It’s fascinating. Some of the stories you hear are crazy. They range from stalkers to bad first dates. And my favorites? They tend to be the ones about ghosts (duh).

So, without further ado, here are some youtubers/videos about ghosts I found interesting.

I’m going to start off with the lovely LoeyLane. A few months ago, I came across her videos somehow. I’m not sure how, to be honest, but it probably had to do with some random clicks through other videos. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy watching her videos because she’s an interesting person. Not only that, but she’s really adorable!

Here’s a couple of her ghost stories:


On one of her recent videos, she mentioned another youtuber, brittyy44, who does all paranormal videos, from histories of haunted places and ghost hunts, to even urban legends. So, basically, her channel is a jackpot for me!

Here’s a few of her videos:


Lastly (I want to save some for other posts, and plus there’s a enough to hold you over until, like, a year from now, when I finally post again), there’s Jessii Vee. I appreciate her because she states in one video that she doesn’t like jumpscares in youbtube videos. Jumpscares can be fun, but usually when I’m on youtube, I’m not looking for jumpscares. Call me a killjoy if you want. If I wanted jumpscares I’ll watch some shitty horror movie. I also am really easily startled An example is when the toaster pops. That makes me jump (I’m getting better though!). Granted, I’m not easily scared (by normal things, at least), I just tend to jump easily, if ya get my drift. I think it has to do with my anxiety, which has gotten worse, along with my startling easily. Anyway, it’s just a sense of relief to know that someone agrees with me.

Here are a couple of her videos for you check out:

And my personal favorite because this story is CRAZY:


I hope you enjoy these youtubers and their videos. I also hope you enjoy these posts. Although, even if you didn’t I would probably continue posting these anyway.

So, until the next time I decide to write at 3 am!

P.S. New season of Turn: Washington’s Spies tonight! Also, Chernobyl’s 30th anniversary is tomorrow! There’s probably something else but I’m forgetting!




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