Wonderful Web Wednesday

Hello all! It’s me! Sara! (No one else has the password to this blog, so I honestly am not sure why I’m telling you that it is I, Sara, the owner of this blog.) I have been quiet for the last few months. I don’t think I’ve written anything since I first came back home from school, so…Hey! Here I am!

I am going to do a separate post tomorrow that updates you all on my life in case you’re into that kind of stuff because I actually have some stuff to talk about! Today, however, I thought I would do kind of a round-up of all the things I’ve been enjoying on the interwebs the past few days, weeks, months. This is kind of inspired by Rookie Mag‘s Daily Links. I strive to be as awesome as Rookie, which is an online magazine I’ve been reading since it’s early years. It’s target audience is teens mostly, but I’m pretty sure that if it’s still around in 8+ years, I’ll still be reading it. I’m not as vigilant about staying up to date with it as I wish. I check it maybe twice every month, but it’s great for EVERYTHING, movie/tv/music/book recs, makeup tutorials, diy crafts, pretty pics, short stories, etc.

What is Wonderful Web Wednesday? Well, other than being a title I just came up with (SO creative, ain’t it?), it’s going to be a weekly post that is a round up of all things Sara likes. This means it can be ANYTHING( i.e. Movies, Books, people, podcasts). ANYTHING. I will try to do 2-3 categories, with 1-2 things per category. Hopefully I can keep this up! HA! So, without further ado, here is WONDERFUL WEB WEDNESDAY:


  • The Great British Baking Show/ Bake Off


This show is The Show of all shows. I am in love. Absolutely in love. I try to watch the Big Fat Quiz of the Year on youtube every January, wising we got access to the live version here in America. One of the things they always talk about is the Great British Bake Off. It always sounded great to me because I always preferred baking over cooking. The other day Cassie and I watched Chopped and it got me in the mood for food-related shows. Chopped is okay, but they are told to use a lot of ingredients I don’t see in my normal everyday life. I understand why they use the ingredients they do, however I cannot relate. So, when I got home, I decided to look at Netflix’s collection of food shows. It’s grown exceptionally in the past few years, even if it’s “Collections” (Or “Bullshit” if you’re me and you want more episodes of Ghost Adventures because you’ve seen the whole collection on tv at least 40 times). I was then reminded that the Great British Bake Off was on Netflix ( As the Great British Baking Show)

What do I like about the Great British Baking Show? Well, for starters, it’s calming. Even when they only have 20 minutes left on the clock and they’re still rushing, it’s not obnoxious like Chopped. I feel like I’m going to be comparing it a lot to Chopped, which I’ve grown to have mixed feelings about. But I also am not a fan of the judges on Chopped, whereas I really like Mary Berry, so I’m kinda biased now. Anyway, baking, to me, is a lot more relaxed than cooking. I’m not sure why. Who knows? Whatever the reason, it relaxes me. Even when my cakes turn out looking like Hagrid’s Birthday Cake for Harry in the first Harry Potter Movie. Was there even a cake in the book?

happee birthdae.jpg
“Happee Birthdae”

In addition to calming me, it also inspires me. I made a reference to Hagrid’s cake, mainly because I made a cake yesterday. It turned out to be a disaster, and Mary Berry would be absolutely appalled by it, especially because it’s box-mix. I would have tried making one from scratch, but my mom had bought the mix for me, and I didn’t want to dip into her own ingredients. Anyway, things just didn’t go well, and it’s really just a big pink mess. Much like me. At least pink is a favorite color of mine, and my Dad and Brother will eat anything that is cake-like. I had a picture of it on my snapchat story, but because snapchat is so freaking fussy, I cannot you guys a picture of it without taking one of it right now, even though it’s missing about 1/3 from last night’s dessert.

Anyway, please watch the Great British Baking Show. It is a DELIGHT.

  • Miss Rose


Miss Rose is a Taiwanese Rom-Com I came across last night on Netfix. Normally I would allow for a few days for the thing to ruminate in my brain before declaring my love for something. That’s the case for The Great British Bake Off, but with Miss Rose, I found it last night and watched about 12 episodes of it. Holy Moley, guys! This show is hilarious! It’s about a lady, Luo Si Yi working at a company that’s pretty much failing. Gao Cheng Kuan is sent to the company to fix it. He’s not known to be a warm person, and had several run-in’s with Luo Si Yi prior to this, so they’re not fond of each other. The show’s romance is definitely the slowest of slow-burn romances, but the slower the burn, the more I like it. Anyway, it’s cute and I recommend it to anyone who gets sucked into random foreign dramas on Netflix


Paranormalkativity’s channel is probably what you think it is. A channel about anything paranormal and weird. Kat, the woman behind the channel (hence her really clever name. Honestly though, I just adore her, so she could say something really non-clever and I would find it clever) is really into ghosts and anything creepy like that. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that I am also into that kind of stuff, so it’s a good thing I found her channel.

A lot of her videos are spooky tales of ghosts/weird-things. She has videos of her ghost hunting, her using ouija boards and whatnot. So, really everything I ever loved in one channel! Here’s an example of what you can expect on her channel:



This podcast is hosted by Jim Harold and is a chalk-full of wonderfully creepy ghost stories. People call in from all over from the U.S. and Canada with their ghost experiences. They range from stories of people’s children recalling past lives, to haunted houses. My favorite was one about a lady who seemed to have driven through ghost town, in the literal sense of Ghost Town. It didn’t exist and friends in a car that was driving ahead of her didn’t see a town at all.

You can find it on pretty much all podcast apps on your phone/tablets/computers, or you can just go to his website. He’s a pretty charismatic guy, and the people that call in have some great stories. I’ve heard some of the creepiest stories I’ve heard in a while, and I have heard A LOT of ghost stories. Check it out. Some interesting questions arise from these stories as well, so if you check it out and wanna talk about some of them, hit me up. I’d love to here your thoughts on them.


That’s it for today. Hopefully you had fun with this list. I did! That sounded so cheesy. Sorry.


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