Sara Update

So, as promised, here’s that much anticipated and much requested update on my life!

First things first, I went to two concerts since June, which I will be writing separate posts about because they’re too great to not write about. Also some pretty significant things happened, so…When I am not so lazy, I’ll post the pics and videos from them in their posts.

Health-wise, I’m okay. I left school because of my mental and physical health. I still get vertigo every once and a while, but it mostly occurs around moving vehicles. It’s extra bad when I cross the river bridges by Cassie’s apartment because you have traffic on one side and the water on the other. I told her and Emily once that I needed blinders, like the ones the horses have. I think that would work well. My ears are still a little messed up from the ear-infections, and occasionally I think I have an infection again. I found a doctor down here finally, and had some blood-work done. Apparently I have a high deficiency in Vitamin D. Cassie pointed out that everyone in Wisconsin does, but I think maybe in addition to the lack of sunlight I’m getting, something else is causing it. However, it does explain my stomach problems and why I’m always tired. I now take Vitamin D once every week, but it’s only been two weeks, so let’s see how things go in another 2 weeks.

I started therapy again. I really like my therapist. She reminds me a bit of my therapist from High School. Very calm and relatable. It helps that she has a cute little office. Therapy is obviously a good thing for me, because I seem to be better when I’m able to talk to someone about my issues. I’m also driving every once and a while, which is more than what I was doing. Hopefully I’ll get my license soon-ish. I don’t know. I still am not fond of driving. I like the way it feels and I have my own truck, so I wouldn’t be vehicle-less, however, I don’t trust other drivers. It really doesn’t help that my neighbor got shot at during a case of road-rage  somewhat near here, back in April. He’s alive still, but I think it added to my list of driving-anxieties. But, Cassie takes me out driving sometimes, and we’re still alive. She also said I wasn’t a bad driver, so I mean, that’s something. I still have to drive on the freeway, which I am TERRIFIED of. I think it’s more the getting on and off that scares me, not the speed. Who knows…

I have decided not to go back to Lawrence. I’m not sure where or when I will, but in the future I will be finished up my B.A., but it will be somewhere down here in Milwaukee, most likely UW Milwaukee. I am sad thinking about not going back in September, but then I remember that all of my friends have graduated and I realize that I would only know about 3 students, and I mean “know” in more of an acquaintance sense, and since I left partially because of my depression and anxiety, I think it would not be good to put myself into a situation that would leave me depressed for 3 months.

Instead, I decided to work for a bit. I spent all summer searching for jobs, and even had a couple interviews, one at Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, because I only have experience in a dish room no one wanted to hire me. Except, last week I applied for Jo-Ann Fabrics and got the job! I start Saturday. It’s only minimum wage, but I’ll be working 28 hours a week, which is more than I did at school, and so I’ll get a little more money than I did. Maybe I can be promoted in the future. Who knows?!

I’m extremely excited about this new job. Working in a craft store sounds like fun. I myself am crafty, but don’t craft much at all. If that makes sense…I have no money, so I am not able to invest in the resources needed for crafting. I taught myself how to knit in  college, and also painted in High School. I want to get into sewing so I can make my own things, like Halloween costumes. I know that Jo-Anne’s has classes, so maybe I can sign up for those. All in all, I’m really looking forward to this (AND MAKING MY OWN MONEY AGAIN!). It feels like things are starting to finally go somewhat right for me.

I hope you all are doing swell. Anyone else get a new job? Having driving anxieties? Go see their favorite bands? I promise those posts are coming up! Have a good day/week! TGIF! KINDA.



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