Seeing Catfish and the Bottlemen Live

My memory is going to be a bit hazy because this concert was June 6th, and to be honest, it was a bit surreal. You guys know about Catfish and the Bottlemen because of THIS POST. So, because of that post, you know that I’m totally into them and have a huge crush on Van McCann. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that Emily won Soundcheck passes for their concert. I was ecstatic. I mean, I had gone to bed but ran back downstairs to tell my mom that I was going to be able to meet them. I was so excited, I’m not even sure how I slept that night (probably trazodone).


This is what transpired.

So, the day of I was scared because I thought I would probably get all shaky and anxious when I met them, but I was surprisingly fine. I wanted to say something about how much their music means to me, but it just didn’t come out. I just thanked them a bunch and smiled like a dumbass.

We had to go through the back of area to get into the The Rave. If you have never been to The Rave (the building), then you should know that it is 3-4 venues in one,

Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots in the ballroom on Oct 30th, 2015. I was at that concert, but I was on the left of him. Photo from

The Rave, the Eagles Ballroom, and the basement (What is that one called?) I say 3-4 because I know that there’s another area on the first floor, but I don’t know if they actually use that one. I do remember that during one concert when we went in they had us go through that area to get upstairs which was really weird to me since the stairs were right there, but it was probably crowd control, or a way to get more people to buy beer. It was an All Time Low / Yellowcard show, so it was a mixture of 16/21 year olds. It was a strange crowd to say the least.

Anyway, the Rave portion of the Rave is up one tiny set of stairs, but Emily is in a wheelchair, so they took us up a ramp and through the back area of the floor. It’s always really cool to see the back areas of places with Emily. I saw Yellowcard another time with her and Cassie and we had to take the freight elevator to get to the basement since it was the only elevator they had. It was cool because Evanescence was there that night upstairs, and we saw one of their roadies with some of their gear. Also, the Rave is said to be hella haunted. My late Uncle Dirk worked there at one point and saw someone up in the catwalk. There’s a pool in the basement where some kid was said to drown (like all pools). Oh, it was an athletic club before becoming a concert venue, so it’s really interesting and old. Like hella old, which is probably why it’s hella haunted. If you look up interviews with different bands at the Rave, a lot of them talk about experiences they had. Twenty One Pilots had something thrown at them, but Tyler thought maybe it was a worker trying to scare them, which is a possibility. I’ve never seen anything, but when I’m in the ballroom, I try to stand by the bar on the far left of the room because not many people stand there and you can see better. Also, easy access to the bathroom and water, I don’t try to get up front because of my anxiety. ANYWAY, there’s this teeney-tiny window by the stage, it’s a bit hard to explain, but it’s definitely creepy, and I remember at The 1975 concert in 2014, I thought someone was watching from it. You know, just that feeling?

I do have sort of a weird thing from the CATB concert to say, though. Not my experience, but both Cassie and Emily both said they had some weird things. Cassie said she kept seeing faces on the ceiling. Not sure if I buy it, but that is creepy. Emily said she kept feeling cold, which is kind of weird considering that we were in a corner and it was pretty packed. Who knows? It could have been something.

I’m that awful looking kid in the Brewers shirt.

ANYWAY. So, Emily and I went in and watch their soundcheck. I don’t remember what they were playing, but I do remember them playing Cocoon because I got really happy. We then got to meet and shake hands with the band, sans Bob, who was still on stage doing something. It was surreal for me because I always forget that famous people are most likely much taller than me, and they all were! Especially Benji. Van was really tall too, but also

Here’s a blurry pic but I like it.

even more gorgeous in person. They were all kinda awkward except for Van who seemed to have the most charisma, but I mean…he is the lead singer. We then got our pictures taken with them and it was NICE. Then Van thanked us for coming and I was like over the moon. I’m still over the moon. Even if I look weird in the picture.

Super blurry pic of the pass we got. We got them signed…

We left the venue and ate dinner, then we went back for the concert later. I was a bit upset because they didn’t really have anywhere for Emily to go where she could see. I get really upset when places aren’t all that accommodating for wheelchairs. When we saw Yellowcard in the basement years ago, the guards put us up front and she could see fine.This time they didn’t

Look, Larry! I saw him during the soundcheck too!

even attempt to put her somewhere she could see when we asked. And people always have this stupid reaction where they smile at her but don’t offer to go behind her so she can see. Like, you can see behind her perfectly fine, so I don’t know why people are so aweful. I’m not even asking to be up next to her, which probably wouldn’t be a big problem anyway because I’m not even 5’1″.

Despite this, it was a good concert and I heard Cocoon twice, and that’s still my favorite song. They played almost every song on their AMAZING new album, The Ride, except for Emily, which would have been funny since Emily was there and also because I love it. Whatever. I got to meet them, and Van McCann shook my hand. I almost DIED.


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