Music Monday

Well, isn’t this a surprise! I’m actually posting a new Music Monday! I know, I know, but please hold your applause until after I’m done!

This week I am going to talk about two songs. The first is M83’s song Go! featuring Mai Lan

Apparently Teen Wolf is in M83. Wow. They’re so much cooler now. And I mean that sincerely, despite me hating the movie. I used to watch the MTV show, but haven’t the last season. I kind of miss the first few seasons, probably because I miss Allison.

ANYWAY, Go! is a song for the century to be honest. It’s almost hypnotic with it’s repetitious lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head. I like to imagine a couple in a subway or something of that nature, and one half is running after the other half shouting “Our love ran away!” and so they’re chasing the other because they gotta catch it. I really enjoy the addition of Mai Lan to the band for this song. I kind of wish she did more songs with them. Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous? Jeeze, she’s got looks and a voice. I’m jealous.

M83 is coming to The Riverside this October and hopefully I’l be able to convince someone to go. I think my mom is interested. I bet if I buy her ticket she’d go. I’ve never been to the Riverside (that I know of?), so that should be cool. If it’s as cool as The Pabst theater, then I should have a really cool time. Let’s see how many times I say cool in this post!

The second song is from Modern Baseball’s new album, Holy Ghost. The song Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind is beautiful, I think. I hate the title, but that’s only because I can’t drink any type of hard cider anymore and while they could be referring to just Apple Cider, it still reminds me of hard cider. If you could see me right now, you’d see me shuddering.

Despite giving me chills for being a reminder of my issues with hard cider, the song gives me chills for other reasons. I think it’s well structured in both the lyrics and the instruments.

One of my favorite sites is because it allows people to post their interpretations of song lyrics. It’s honestly so helpful. I spent a lot of time in school working on poetry and deconstructing their meanings, so the site also makes me a bit nostalgic. On the page for Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind, people seem to have come to the conclusion that this song is about a relationship that is failing, and the person wonders if it’s worth saving. I seem to be a sucker for songs about “what if’s” and “maybe’s”. For  instance my favorite song by McFly is Falling In Love off of they’re awesome album RadioActive. So, it’s no wonder I like this song. My favorite verse is the very first verse:

Did you ever love me?
Biopsy from the origin of sound,
Confirms you’re speaking truthfully.
Concludes everything I thought about.

The very first time I heard this, that first line caught me. As I stated earlier, I’m a sucker for songs about “maybes” and anything that fuels a drama filled scene in my mind is welcome. I heard it, and thought that it was an interesting way to start the song. It makes you listen to it all in it’s entirety, which isn’t even 2 minutes. It’s short, not sweet, and to the point. Your still left with that question, especially because from the second and third lines, you know that the person speaking has been wondering this from the beginning of the relationship. The last line isn’t even fully formed, it’s a repeated line, but it stops before it ends. To add to this, it’s the word “forever”, but it’s stopped at “for”, so when he says “Tell me this is forever”, but doesn’t even finish the word forever, we know it isn’t forever. However, even though we know it’s not forever, we still don’t know if they ever loved them!

Overall, the song is interesting, and beautiful, I think. Modern Baseball has some really great songs with lyrics that are so relatable, which is why I really like them. If you like them too, you should check them out, as well as The Front Bottoms because they’re kind of similar. I just learned both bands are touring with Brand New this year and will be at The Rave the day after my birthday, so I’m kinda jazzed about that. I probably won’t go because I don’t know anyone that likes any of them, except one person who likes The Front Bottoms, but I don’t think we’re close enough to go to The Rave together. I mean, if you’ve ever been to a concert venue like The Rave, then you know what I’m talking about.

Anywho, how was that for a revival of Music Mondays? I’m going to work on a new logo for it because that old one is so bad. Have a good day guys and listen to some good music!

“Cool” Count: 4

Not as bad as I thought it would be!


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