Podcast Roundup: Because you didn’t ask for it, but I did

So, I’ve been pretty obsessed with podcasts as of late. Before I start my new weekly post that will probably be neglected every other month, I want to begin by thanking the girl in my history class my junior year of college that told me about Stuff You Missed in History Class, which began my obsession in the world of podcasts. I’ve talked about a few of them, and will probably just include some in this first podcast round-up for a little refresher, but also include some others that I’ve listened to.

  • Stuff You Missed In History

    As listed above, it’s a podcast about, you guessed it, history! More specifically, history you would not necessarily learn about, unless maybe you took a class on that specific period/place in college. You don’t need to be a know-it-all to listen to this podcast. Usually they explain everything well. The hosts are charismatic, and to be honest, I could listen to them all day.

  • Jim Harold’s Campfire

    I know I’ve mentioned this in a Wonderful Web Wednesday, but since Campfire is a podcast that I can’t seem to get enough of, here I am telling you about it again! It’s a podcast that Jim Harold hosts. Basically within each podcast, many people call in to tell their paranormal experiences. Some of them are really amazing and gave me chills, and let me say, it’s not easy to do that.

  • History Goes Bump

    This is a podcast that combines my two favorite things: Paranormal things and history. Granted, it’s not hard to do, but it’s solely focuses on that, so it’s basically everything I ever wanted in a podcast.

  • The Basement Yard

    Joe Santagato is a popular youtuber that I’ve known about for years, but didn’t start listening to his podcast, The Basement Yard, where he just…talks. Look, he’s hilarious, a bit crude (okay, kinda, sorta, really crude), and keeps your interest. From having his friends guest star on his show, to how his pictures are always being used to catfish people (which I’m not surprised, he’s good looking). Check him out!

That concludes this week’s podcast roundup. I don’t have a set day for these, so for now I’ll just keep them on Tuesdays, so please keep a look out for these posts.


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