New Year, New Me. JK.

Well, 2016 has died and 2017 is here, and yet I don’t feel hopeful. I guess that’s besides the point, though. I mean, where have I even been since October? At least I hope you’re wondering this. Most likely not, but just in case you are: I haven’t really been anywhere. Just here. I would try to say that work has taken over my life, but that’s not true since it’s just a part time. So what have I been doing? Here’s a quick rundown of my life since I last posted:

  • I went to a rad Halloween party the day after my birthday (Oct 21 is my birthday, fyi)that Cassie threw, dressed as Cinderella from the 2015 movie. I even bought the costume, and bought a shit-ton of makeup at Ulta (even caving and buying a Tarte eyeshadow palette that cost me $49, but it was basically a b-day present for myself. Also, some beautiful lipstick from Tarte too). My parents bought me some boots to go along with the dress, and even though shoes are kinda a big deal for the costume (ya know, glass slippers and all…) I was not impressed with anything I came across that was supposed to be for a Cinderella costume. In addition to that, it was October. The middle of Autumn, and the party took place at an airplane hanger because that’s how cool we are. So anyway, I needed shoes that would keep my feet warm, withstand nature, and look good with a dress. I am so gross because I advocate the Combat-boots-skirt look. Not even sure if that’s fashionable, but I’ve been doing that on my sets on Polyvore for years, and no one’s commented on how bad it is. It’s still gross to me, but also beautiful because while I don’t wear skirts a lot, I love me a good boot/skirt combo, and Combat Boots are my fave, so why not?
  • November was nondescript, except that I bought myself a sewing machine. I know, wtf? Oh…And I saw Awolnation and Bastille. Okay, so that’s a little more than I let on. I went to FM 102.1’s Big Snow Show night 2, which featured Barns Courtney, Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, Awolnation, and Bastille. Out of all of them, I really enjoyed Bastille’s set the most, despite me going to see Awolnation mostly.
  • December came and went pretty fast, and quiet honestly, I was kind of depressed all throughout Christmas, but I still had a nice one.  New Years Eve was at Cassie’s, but there was some drama going down that continued into January. However, I had a lot of alcohol, and while I didn’t get drunk, it was enough to make the night good.
  • January was also nondescript. I cannot think of anything that happened, except maybe watching A Knights Tale at my buddy Jamie’s house. And seeing Sing. Oh, also La La Land, but my seat was in the front row, so I didn’t really see it.
  • And here we are in February, where it’s almost just as boring, except that I’ve made two pillowcases so far with my sewing machine, so that’s cool.

I won’t be promising you any posts, because I seem to be notorious for promising a review or a post on something, and then it never happens (like that first Twenty One Pilots concert?), but I will try to post more often this year. Hopefully it will be quality content that brings the followers in. Which reminds me, I actually gained a few in the time since my last post. Hey new followers! Sorry my blog sucks! So, anyway, peace out. Until the next time (which hopefully won’t be 3-4 months).


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