Research distractions

Hello, hello! Unfortunately, this is not that post I might have hinted at last time I posted. You know, that one where I’ve been researching for months and months and yet still haven’t made more progress? I don’t really want to dive into why that is or what it’s about, but I came across an interesting tidbit of Milwaukee history today on accident, while not researching, might I add.

Apparently, on January 10, 1883, a fire broke out in Milwaukee’s Newhall House Hotel. It was a terrible fire which not only killed many people, but ruined the building. From what I understand, the Hilton is now there and I guess there are reports of ghosts? In specific rooms? I’m using so many question marks because???? I don’t know, I’m not an expert in ghosts and the paranormal (like, I know more than the average person, I guess, but I don’t call myself an expert) and….????????????? I am probably wrong, and I only found one site that actually mentions the Hilton being haunted, but the “hauntings” were so boring and non-ghostly. You know, run of the mill hair pulling and temperature drops? But, I guess if that house that’s supposedly haunted by Sharon Tate, even though she died a block away can have her show up, a ghost could show up in a building that didn’t exist until much much later, and choose specific rooms to haunt. It’s just the specificity of the haunting that gets me. Why only two rooms? And why those rooms? This is besides the point, however and I have now suddenly become very interested in this story. I kind of want to write a novel about it! But seeing that I can start a blog post and still not have it finished months later, I don’t see myself really committing to a story… Also, you should see my google docs and evernote notebooks. Both are very full of projects unfinished. Think of all the shows and books I never finished! I’m just one big ball of unfinished business.

So, that was my little note of the week/month/year? I do want to do more research into the Newhall House Hotel and it’s demise. It might derail that other post that is starting to sound like this epic, omg-plz-read,it will be the best!!!!!- article. Look  at my stupid grammar! I can’t even write proper english, how do I expect to finish that stupid post? It’s haunting me, guys! Haunting me! Which is funny, because it does have something to do with ghosts. OOOOOOOOO SPooooooooOOOOPpppy.

Hope you’re all well, and that you’re not getting distracted from personal endeavors or even homework or your job or life. Or relationships.

By the by, you ever come into contact with someone in public that you just can’t shake the feeling that they’re bad. Okay, let me rephrase that. You have an interaction with someone, a social interaction, and just from their expressions, choice of words, hell, even their eyes, you just get a weird feeling in your gut? Like they might have done something bad, or will do something bad? I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting, but there was a guy in my store the other day. He didn’t do anything bad to me or anything terribly rude. I mean, he wasn’t the best customer. He wouldn’t just take the fact that I couldn’t give him more than the 4 coupons he was using because not only was it not allowed, but it wasn’t physically possible because the computer wouldn’t allow it. In addition to that, we were CLOSED and he wouldn’t get out… I tried to shake it off, but since Monday, I’ve been thinking about him and I just don’t feel good about him. Like a gut feeling. An intuition? Who knows. It’s probably my anxiety trying to take control. This is exactly why you should make sure you always take your meds, kids. Comment below if you’ve ever had this happen! (The interaction that keeps nagging at you, not forgetting the meds)


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