Spotifiy and Music I Found Because of Them:

Instead of writing those promised posts about The Neighbourhood, here I am writing about other stuff. Classic Sara, to be honest. Also, take a deep breath, guys. This is gonna be a long one since I don’t post much and my list built up. Fast.

Recently, I’ve started listening to Spotify again. I say “again”, because in college I was listening to it all the time. I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line I just kind of stopped. Then, I started back up and I even got a really good deal on Spotify Premium for 3 months only 99 cents, so it’s kind of worth it.

You can place the blame on 5 Seconds of Summer because for a few days Spotify was the only place I could listen to one of their new songs, “Youngblood”, which coincidently is the title track for their new CD that’s coming out on June 22. Yes, I pre-ordered the album. Yes, I made sure it was one that came with a shirt. And a lithograph. But we’ll talk about my spending habits another day. Don’t get worried, they’re not the worst but they’re not the best. Back to the topic, though. 5SOS, (please read it as “sauce” and not “SOS” because it’s how they refer to themselves and also because I get a kick out of it) those beautiful Aussie boys I once made a post about where I gushed about their album Sounds Good Feels Good. Well, they’re at it again! This time sounding older and more amazing than ever. Youngblood, the CD, and the song, definitely makes us wonder who’s heart was so broken. But, it’s not really my business, and if it means that some hella good tunes come out of it, then, cool. Sorry for the heartbreak but congrats on the great jams.

But this post, isn’t about 5 Seconds of Summer, really. Since their new CD is gonna drop soon-ish (not soon enough if you ask me!), I plan on (HA!) writing a post about that when it happens and I hear it in full. I will, however, post the audio for “Youngblood”, and the music video for their other new song “Want You Back” (see, “bad break up” above!). I do want to tell you guys that “Youngblood” is actually sitting pretty high on my list of favorite songs. It’s not as high as “Cacoon” by CATB, which would be hard to do, but it definitely has potential to stay on that list for a long time.

That cover THO. This album’s aesthetics are really up my alley. The pictures they’ve been posting and the colors have all been so rad. I also want to tell you that I probably will use the word ‘aesthetic’ a lot in this post because I can’t help it.

I  want to talk a little bit about “Youngblood” because in the second verse there are these eerie guitar sounds. There was a post I saw on Tumblr (I wish I had saved it or something because it was really interesting!), where the poster talks about how it gives off this image of this abandoned town with sirens going off, and oh. It gives me shivers just thinking about that while I listen to it. It made me love the song more. You know I love abandoned things!

I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the fact that I’m obsessed with Luke’s curls. Whenever someone mentions them lately I tell everyone that 1) “Their killin it.”  And 2) “LUKE’S CURLS!” I make sure my voice is high-pitched so that they understand how deep this obsession is.

The main topic of this post is Spotify and how good they are at recommending me things. Every Monday they post a playlist for every user, specifically tailored for them, called “Discover Weekly”. Obviously, it’s music for you to discover. For the past 4 weeks, I’ve only had 3 songs I told them not to play for me out of all of those weekly lists. The rest I either loved or liked. From these lists, I’ve discovered some bands I really like.

Before I get into the stuff I’ve discovered, I’m going to talk about one of my new favorite songs by The National. I have two of their CD’s, High Violet (2010) and Trouble Will Find Me (2013). Both are amazing and great for when you’re super depressed. Like, even better than Brand New ever were for depression (16 year-old-me is protesting this so much but 16-year-old me had yet to discover The National). While “Lemonworld” will always be my favorite song by The National (And apparently is high on Van McCann’s list because he sings about it in “Heathrow”), this older song I found by them is a close second. The song that Spotify made me discover was “Baby, We’ll Be Fine”:

The National has always had lyrics that I fall in love with. By this, I mean, there are several songs with small portions that just…resonate with my soul. An example is a part of “Afraid of Everyone”:

“Your voice has stolen my soul, soul, soul…”

It’s repeated a bunch to the point where you’re like “Damn, your voice really did steal his soul”. But, honestly, the first time I heard this, I got chills. We all know that when Sara get’s chills, she will forever hold that song dear (i.e. “Cacoon”.)

So, in “Baby, We’ll Be Fine”, there’s a portion where he sings:

“Baby, We’ll be fine.

All we gotta do is be brave and be kind.”

I’m not sure how to explain my love for this line. I think it’s pretty because…Well, being brave and being kind is pretty to me. It reminds me of the line in Cinderella (the 2015 version) where her mom tells her to “Have courage and be kind”. For someone who has anxiety and a short temper, I find this to be a good mantra. Like, to the point where I actually think about getting it tattooed on me somewhere that I can see when I’m having a panic attack. But maybe, I’ll just have this song tattooed on me! The first half of the song seems to be the narrator singing to himself, therefore my tattoo idea isn’t that bad since he wants to use it as a mantra.

And later in the song:

“I’m so sorry for everything”, repeated (which, if you repeat a line in a song a lot, it’s a sure way to get me to love the song). The way he sings it sounds really heartbreaking and I have to wonder what exactly “everything” is. From the lyrics, it sounds like the narrator is having a hard time with everything (meaning Life), hence the apology.

Now onto new discoveries:

The first was a band called La Bouquet. When I was watching the music video for Loveless I thought I recognized the lead singer. I had to go and read their bio to figure out why I recognized him. It was Byran from The Neighbourhood! Well, formerly from The Neighbourhood. If you go to older interviews of The Neighbourhood, chances are Bryan and Jesse are doing all the talking. If you hadn’t done research, it would have appeared that he had just dropped off the face of the earth. Or, that Brandon Fried, the current drummer of The Neighbourhood, was Bryan but like some weird freak accident happened where his whole face changed or whatever. Anyway, since being in The Neighbourhood, it seems that Bryan has done various music projects, like Olivver The Kid and La Bouquet. I personally really like the song “Loveless” by La Bouquet.

I really dig the aesthetics in this video, too. The roses are a nice touch, and that wink when he says “A bouquet from me as I watch you leave”!? Swoon. That and his overalls are like…Okay, earlier today, I saw a commercial where this lady was wearing overalls and I decided I wanted to get myself a nice pair of overalls. I mean, the possibilities for overalls are endless in terms of styling. I could put pins or patches on them. Or even do my own embroidery (something I’ve been trying out. I’m not very good at it, but like it’s fun and pretty and I really want to make pretty lyric embroidery things and “Loveless” is definitely going to be one of them). So, anyway, overalls! A thumbs up from Sara!

In terms of lyrics, I think Loveless is kind of an interesting song, just because it definitely paints a picture of someone who is on the verge of giving up on love. Either they had a really bad break up, or haven’t had good luck in terms of relationships. This is evident in the “Maybe I’m loveless, maybe I’m useless” line. I say on the verge because then it switches to “Maybe I’m not“, so they still have some hope, but they’re worried it’s not enough. It reminds me a lot of another song, “Don’t Delete the Kisses” by Wolf Alice, but I I’m gonna talk about that song later.

Since starting this post, about a week ago, La Bouquet has posted another song on their youtube (but it isn’t up on Spotify yet?), “Cruel”. It’s a jam.

I do think there should be an honorable mention of “HiLo” by Olivver the Kid, because the other day it came on while I had my songs on Spotify on shuffle, and I realized I really liked it.


Another band I stumbled onto was L.I.F.T. I don’t know too much about L.I.F.T., but from what I do know, I like them. On their website that have their own Spotify playlists for each member of the band and the lead singer has “Antichrist” by The 1975. That song makes me weak at the knees. Seriously, it’s my favorite song by them and is the only other song that could possibly rival Catfish and the Bottlemen’s “Cacoon”. So, I kind of fell in love with him just a little bit (what’s new though?!). He also kind of reminds me of Michael Clifford from 5SOS. Only a little, though. In addition to that, they’re coming to Summerfest on the 3rd. I may or may not already be down at the lakefront for the fireworks so maybe I’ll get to see them, I’m not sure. I doubt Cassie will want to because I don’t think they’re really her type of music, but like, hey, It’s worth a shot. Especially if I can hear Cassette Tapes live!

I like that this was all done in one shot. If I had to be in it, you can bet your ass I would have fallen off my bike.

Moving on…

I remember I was once on a fan-made Tumblr for The Neighbourhood (I don’t remember which one), and they were talking to someone through their Asks about Chase Atlantic. The name sounded familiar, but from where, I’m not sure. When they showed up in my “Discover Weekly” a few weeks ago, I was like “Hey, them!”, so I gave them a try. My reaction to them at first was kind of similar to how I felt about Twenty One Pilots when I first heard them. “Oh. I don’t know.”

But, like Twenty One Pilots, Chase Atlantic has grown on me. A lot. I wouldn’t say it rivals my love for TOP, nor do I see myself seeing them in concert (mostly because I wouldn’t have anyone to go with), but I definitely did go and buy their CD.

Their old stuff sounds like The 1975 to me. Especially “Run Away” from their EP Dalliance. Another song from that EP, “Anchor Tattoo” is also confusing because I hear it and think it’s younger Calum Hood of 5SOS singing. This makes a little more sense since they’re from Australia too. Their newer stuff…Doesn’t sound like anyone but Chase Atlantic, which is good. Not that their older stuff is bad. In fact, I almost prefer it. Anyway, here’s “Run Away”:

Besides really digging their older stuff, I think my favorite songs by them are “Triggered” and “Into It”, both are on their self-titled Album.

The guy with the beautiful long, straight hair is Christian. I really dig that scene in “Triggered” where he’s smoking and has the bat. I mean, it’s a checkered bat, so it’s pretty cool in itself. The other two members are Mitchel (the lead singer) and Clinton, who are brothers. They’ve got some interesting hair-do’s going on. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, but now I’ve decided I like them. Especially when Mitchel’s swinging his hair around. In terms of the lyrics, I don’t really have any profound statements to make. I feel like they’re pretty straightforward with what they mean, and while I don’t necessarily relate to their lyrics a whole lot, I think they’ve got a lot of talent. They’re really catchy and I enjoy them. Good walking music.

Also, some more new music to note is from both DREAMERS and AJR. Both are bands I want to see succeed and last a while, so I was super excited. Unfortunately, I only just realized that AJR had two new releases. I mean, I probably deserve a break because today was the Indy500 (congrats to Will Power by the way!), so I was preoccupied, obviously. However, I think at least one was released Friday, like DREAMER’s new song and “Cruel”, so I have no excuse really. I must not have been looking at the right new music playlist on Spotify. That’s one thing that I get a little confused by since there are about a million “New Music” playlists for different genres and what-not.

Anyway, here’s some new AJR with “Burn The House Down”.

I’m still kind of processing the song, so maybe I’ll talk a little bit about it another day. I kind of have some ideas…

Also, there’s this really good collab they did with Steve Aoki and Lil Yachty:

At first, I thought it was a strange combination. Then I realized that it just works really well, and I’m not really opposed to Lil Yachty. I never really had much of an opinion on Steve Aoki, other than that song he did with Louis Tomlinson that I just wasn’t too thrilled with. I do really like this song, even if the cover photo is kinda silly to me.

Here’s DREAMER’s new song, “Screws”, it’s A GOOD ONE:

I definitely have listened to this song on repeat every day since it came out.

The next band, Cherry Pools, is another newer band. Newer than The Wrecks (bless those boys)! Their songs are cute and upbeat. Not only that but their music videos are all very pastel and I love pastels. These boys only have 3 songs on Spotify, “Are You In Love” (my favorite), “Hollywood” and ” Forever Young”. Here’s “Forever Young” because I prefer that music video over the one for “Are You In Love”.


Another song I’ve been digging is “Berenstein” by the Band Camino. It’s basically a love song that uses the idea of the Mandela Effect (specifically the Berenstein/Berenstain one) to carry the imagery. I’m not gonna lie, I think that’s a fucking genius idea. Not only does it sound like something we’d get from La Bouq uet, but it also sounds like it belongs in some beautiful indie movie. That, and it’s got really beautiful lyrics, especially the chorus:

At another place in time
You were infinitely mine
Relatively alright
When Berenstein was fine
At another place in time
Only parallel to mine
The universe was alright
When Berenstein was fine

If you’re not really aware of what the whole Berenstein/Berenstain ordeal is, you should probably google it. The Wikipedia page does briefly mention it at the very bottom, but it’s not very helpful. Honestly, you’ll get a lot of information just from the first results page on Google, so you probably won’t need to go further than that. A really brief rundown of it is that basically, it’s been brought to the attention of the public that some people remember the name being spelled with “stein” rather than “stain”. I personally do feel like I have a book somewhere in the basement that has “stein”, but I’m probably wrong. Mandela effects are very creepy, and they basically suggest an alternate universe, hence the majority of The Band Camino’s lyrics in Berenstein. They’re singing about a love in another universe or a place where the relationship went right. There’s something so romantic about this song, and I know I’m going to keep coming back to it because it’s kind of speaks to me on so many levels. It’s just one of those songs that entertains the “what ifs”, but does it differently than most, and I definitely am a sucker for “what ifs”.

“Don’t Delete the Kisses” by Wolf Alice:

This song kind of speaks for itself, and so does the video. Many people in the comments section on youtube were wondering if maybe the whole video was a daydream from the girl’s perspective, and they had some good reasoning for thinking so, i.e. she starts alone and ends alone, that and the lyrics definitely kind of make it seem like it too! I mentioned this song earlier because the lyrics reminded me of “Loveless” by La Bouquet. In “Don’t Delete the Kisses”, she sings “What if It’s not meant for me? Love”. You can see the similarities.

Once again, ya’ll know I love the “what ifs”. Even the sad ones. Especially the sad ones.
Okay, last song! “American Money” BØRNS

Okay, so not only does he compare her eyes to American Money

“Paradise in your eyes, Green Like American Money”

but he also makes a fucking Benjamin Franklin reference!

“And we got caught in the storm

You started flying a kite

At the end was the key to my heart

You were my lover for life”

I’m not even mentioning this because I hate it. No, it’s quite the opposite. While American Money is dirty since it’s handed from person to person and germs travel, it’s still a very nice shade of green. I would know, I work at a register most shifts, so I see a lot of money. On the lyric website, Genius, BØRNS explains that he started using the name of the song as a joke, so then he mentioned good ole’ Benny Franklin to keep it patriotic. And hot damn, if I’m not excited over this. HISTORY!!!!!! I’m definitely blasting this song on the 4th of July. I also want to talk about how in every video I’ve seen BØRNS in, he’s got some cool 70’s/80’s style going on, and never seems to button his shirt up? I’m not complaining, the look suits him well, but I thought it was something to mention.

I’m gonna end this post here since I have a total of 16 youtube videos linked on here and its a little disturbing to me.

A few things before I go, though: Not sure if I mentioned this last blog post, but I got a promotion at work. I won’t be starting until like June 10th, but it’ll be full time so I will finally be able to afford my loans.

Secondly, kinda a spoiler! But, Fear the Walking Dead broke my heart. One day I’m going to write a character essay of Nick Clark, because he was truly an interesting character.

Also, I have a GIANT list of Youtubers and Podcasts I want to talk about, but I haven’t had the motivation to get into that. This is especially because I was going through old posts just to see what I did actually get posted and there was a lot I didn’t post about. This really makes me want to hit myself! Dammit Sara! Why couldn’t you have posted more!

So, anway, look forward to Nick Clark, Podcasts, more youtube, more music, maybe books…Oh. And that post on The Neighbourhood. That might be hard though becuase it will probably just be me posting my favorite pictures of Zach Abels. “And here we have my favorite outfit I’ve ever seen him wearing: This denim jacket!”

Okay, actually, speaking of which, I’m super jealous of this denim jacket he’s got. I’m not sure if he still owns it or what because it looks like it was around the Wiped Out! era, which was circa 2015-16, when he had that gorgeous long hair. (Think prettier than Christian from Chase Atlantic’s hair, but maybe not as gorgous as BØRNS’ or Luke Hemmings, but let’s be real, nothing rival’s his hair right now!)

Said jacket. Also, THAT FACE.

So, there ya go. Some Zach Abels for your day!


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