Brief July update where I mispelled brief about 3 times before getting it right:

In my last post (a few months ago, sorry!), I mentioned that 5SOS would be releasing a new CD and that my hopes for this breakup letter in audio form were high. Very high. I have good news reader(s). They succeeded. So much so, I now own three 5SOS shirts and 2 copies of Youngblood (I have my reasons which hopefully I’ll remember to explain!). My aussie boys have made me proud. But first, I have some things I want to talk about. So, this is…A Brief Update for July 2018 (I only write the year because let’s be real guys, I might not update until next July after this!)

First things first. Excuse my language, but holy fucking hell guys. Twenty One Pilots are officially off of their hiatus. I mean, they’re still being cryptic and weird, but like, that’s why we love them, right? They were on a year-long hiatus. We heard absolutely nothing from them. The only stuff we got was…Well, almost nothing. There was an occasional social media post by someone that’d be like “Hey, is that Tyler from TOP?” but, like I say occasional, and I mean, I think I only saw 1. They had not updated the band’s twitter or Instagram in a year. And neither Tyler or Josh said anything on their personal accounts. So, then this website appears. I’m not gonna get too into details because I honestly am still a little confused myself, but this is around March. Right when Panic! started talking about their new CD. This website was weird and cryptic and there were certain things that made everyone think it was indeed related to TOP. And then, Friday (July 6), they sent out an official email to fans subscribed to their email (which I had done in March because 1) why wasn’t I subscribed in the first place? and 2) seemed like a good idea). This email was also cryptic. The subject was “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?” and when I had opened it I wasn’t sleeping since I had been awake since 4 am because I had to be at the store at 5. So, no guys. I wasn’t. I was awake. And FREAKING THE FUCK OUT OVER THIS EMAIL THAT WOULD NOT LOAD THROUGH THE JOANN WIFI WHILE I WAS ON BREAK! I went home and looked at the email. It was a gif of an eye. The eye itself was yellow and had a gif of some scene playing on it (it looked like a horse and some fire or something? I don’t know to be honest!).

I want to make a separate paragraph about the yellow. This means that TOP’s next era will have the color yellow in it. IF THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS TO YOU THAN I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS? Yellow is my favorite color! This means yellow merch! Yellow t-shirts! Yellow hoodies! Yellow…WHATEVER! I’m so happy! Also, new music, but YELLOW!

So, basically, Twenty One Pilots are probably going to have new stuff soon and we’re all ready for it. So. Ready.

Next: I finally saw The Neighbourhood live. It was…Well, amazing. It was at Summerfest, so it was a shorter set and it was harder to see. Summerfest, if you’re not aware, is…an experience. It’s been going on since the 70’s and is Milwaukee’s pride and joy. Well, okay, one of Milwaukee’s pride and joys. Situated right on Lake Michigan, the Summerfest grounds are like another world. Every summer for 11 days, Milwaukee (and Wisconsin) comes together at the lakefront for a whole bunch of concerts, beer, and fried food. I only partake in 2/3 of that (I hate beer). Anyway, each night there’s a headliner at 10 pm for each side stage and one huge one at the amphitheater that you have to pay extra for. I’ve seen the Jonas Brothers and Foo Fighters there before, and it’s always fun but expensive. Your best bet, however, is to go to the side stages where you can see as many bands as you want in one day for just the price of admission. I’ve gotten lucky before because a lot of times I’ll go for one band and have it be that the band before them is one that I also love. This has happened 3 times to me.

In my short 24 years, I’ve seen (not including the amphitheater): Sara Evans, The Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, Brand New (2x), Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, Manchester Orchestra, POD (like, I’m not even sure how that happened, I don’t listen to them and I didn’t at the time either but they weren’t bad), and was somehow conned into watching a song or two by Def Leopard just because I wanted a lemonade but was like 8 and couldn’t get one alone. Now, I can add on Lovelytheband and The Neighbourhood to this list.

When I saw Brand New, both years I got lucky that they had someone before them that I liked. The first year I was so excited to see Kevin Devine in person because I really enjoy his music. And then, the second year, I hadn’t even realized they were playing until Manchester Orchestra introduced themselves. My love for Manchester Orchestra is immense, and their newest CD A Black Mile to the Surface is something extraordinary. They actually played at the amphitheater this year, but I had no one to go with and really didn’t want to pay for grass seats. Like, that’s where I was with the other two I went to there. When I was in high school and was a total music snob once I found who Brand New was, Manchester Orchestra was one of like three other bands I listened to, so like, I have a deep love for them. I wish I had seen them outside of Summerfest, just because I always prefer a more intimate show than a larger show (except for maybe TOP). This year, I also got lucky, because I like Lovelytheband, and I love the Neighbourhood, so it was a good time.

Anyway, the actual show: Firstly, they played Prey and I just about died. I love love love that song. If the amount of ‘loves’ I just wrote don’t tell you how much I love it, then I don’t know what will. There’s just something…So good about it. The guitar is probably my favorite part about it, but to be honest, it’s just so much fun to sing along to and I also remember that it was one of the songs I had on repeat when Wiped Out! came out. Also, sometimes you can hear the others doing the backup singing when they do play it (I couldn’t really, but I’ll get to that later like everything else I’ve promised). Zach kind of has a voice of an angel and Jermey? Well, he’s pretty out of this world when he does backup vocals (look at their older acoustic sets where he sings!). Obviously, Jesse was really good live, too! They didn’t, however, play Wiped Out!, which bummed me out because while it’s not my favorite song by them, it’s a solid song and I’m so curious to see it live. However, the song is like 6 minutes and it’s probably longer live because it’s one where you can really mess around with (if you’ve heard it, maybe you’ll understand where I’m coming from). They did play Sweater Weather, in case you were wondering, and in case that’s the only song by them you know. It was good live. Like really good, and once again, the guitar part is my favorite (but it’s my favorite guitar part out of any NBHD song). Here’s a video of that:


As you can see, I couldn’t see very well. I also always have trouble hearing with the speakers down at Summerfest. I can’t tell if their speakers just aren’t the greatest or if the location itself is just not the greatest? I think that’s partially why I couldn’t hear the backups for some of the songs, like Prey. I mean they also could have had their mic volume down. Whatever, I still got to see one of my favorite bands live.

Another thing I did was see the Indy Race at Road America again. It was once again a last minute thing (but even more last minute than last year! We were about 30 minutes late!). I went the day before to just hang out with my parents, and that’s always really nice. The weather is always perfect when we go. Josef Newgarden also won the race. He led the majority of it and I kept turning to Cassie and saying “He’s got this”, and she kind of doubted him, but I was right. He had it.

Also, season 2 of Anne With An E is on Netflix, so obviously I gotta binge that.

It’s been a pretty exciting two months, and now it’s just going to be very quiet. Until Twenty One Pilots let us know what’s up, but before that, it’ll be pretty boring. Oh well, it’s what I get for doing so much in two months.

So, anyway, until I can get that review of Youngblood out!