Music, podcasts, and other things

Whoa, hey guys! I wasn’t planning on updating at all today, but I noticed that I had 9 visitors Monday, (which, I mean, for me is A LOT), and I thought I would grace anymore visitors Tuesday with something new. So, buckle up guys! This post has a lot of links and videos/whatnot. (sorry, not sorry).

I’ve made little progress in my War and Peace post, due to not having the time (or patience) to continue it. It will happen. I want to remind you guys that I am technically graduating on June 12. There is a ‘technically’ because I’m a credit short, so we’ll see how that goes. And since I have yet to have a job lined up, when I’m not job hunting, I will have a lot of free time. With which I intend to finish that series, along with other long awaited series, such as the posts on Girl, Most Likely (which still get hits even if they’re shitty?), as well as maybe finishing those drafts I have written.

There are also some really exciting things coming up.

First is the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl. Not quite exciting for everyone. In fact, it’s actually a very sad day because not only did one person loose their life in the actual blast, but several (thousands and probably more still to come) more died due to other reasons. Anyway, if you haven’t noticed, I am a history major who is extremely obsessed with history, and one of my specialties (outside of shipwrecks) is Chernobyl. I’m extremely judgmental if you don’t know it’s history before watching Chernobyl Diaries (which is SO bad that maybe one day I will post about everything wrong and disgusting and inappropriate about it ), or if you don’t even think about looking it up afterwards. I try not to be judgmental because nuclear reactors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s hard for me. Also, since the anniversary is really soon, a lot of people are writing their yearly articles about the disaster. The most recent that I’ve found is USA Today’s interesting “interactive” article HERE. If you want a more up to date look at links, I’m going to shamelessly promote my twitter HERE. Somewhere I have an old blog post on tumblr about some books on Chernobyl, which I’ll either rewrite, or post a link at some point.

In June, I graduate (as mentioned above). Three days after Catfish and the Bottlemen will be in Milwaukee again, and since I missed the last concert, I’m going to try my best to get to this one and tell Van to please stop wearing sweaters on stage because I’m afraid he’s going to overheat. They have a new cd coming out on May 27, so I hope to get that before the concert (which is probably unlikely due to the lack of a job, but maybe likely due to a graduation?). Based on the latest song released by them, Soundcheck, this CD is going to be hella rad. I really love that song. Check it out:

Later, on June 26, there will be an race at Road America, which is very fortunate for me, since there will be no Milwaukee Indyfest (which is sad because I love the Milwaukee Mile). Then comes Summerfest, which is always a trip. On July 27 is the Emotional Roadshow in Milwaukee, which is Twenty One Pilots’ arena tour (so proud of them!), which I’m luckily going to as well. Hopefully I’ll actually write about that concert because I never got around to writing about the last one! (Probably due to me getting sick AGAIN and then not being well for the rest of the year/ even now).

In addition to all of these exciting things I have, I also have been doing some other things lately. I’ve been watching old Ghost Adventures episodes, and you know, I think it would be interesting to do a few posts about that. They can be so dramatic, but also got some of the most interesting evidence I’ve seen. A new ghost hunting show, Ghost Brothers, just started on Destination Ghosts, I mean Destination America. I thought it was really good. I think I’m qualified to say that since I’ve been watching these kind of shows since 2005, and had an avid interest in ghosts long before that. Anyway, these guys are really funny and did some interesting things on their investigation that I would not have thought of. Don’t get me started on Nick Groff’s new show, Paranormal Lockdown. That show was so damn good.

So there’s those. Another thought is maybe going back and re-watching Murder, She Wrote and reviewing episodes. I just listened to a cool podcast about it. I’m a total nerd about that show. I mean, I’m a pretty nerdy nerd, but even the letters J and B make me freak out and start talking about my fave detective JB Fletcher. The podcast I’m talking about is from the Retroist, which I hadn’t heard of until now. You can listen to the podcast HERE or here:

How this came about is kind of a classic Sara internet story. I was watching Dan Bell’s Cutting Room/Floor Video #5, and he mentioned this guy who puts up old K-Mart music on I had never heard of, and being a weird history lover, I checked it out. It’s kind of a jackpot for me. Anyway, I found this podcast listed and it sounded cool and only got better when I saw that they had an episode on Murder, She Wrote, so HELL YEAH.

Also, new music love! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my music taste is weird. I literally will go from listening to like, Beastie Boys to One Direction. I’m really open to a lot of music, except for maybe most of the stuff on the radio. Which, kind of makes the sentence before that look a bit weird because I can name about 3 stations in Appleton I’ve heard 1D on, as well as at least 2 I’ve heard Beastie Boys on. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of the newer Of Monsters and Men CD. It’s got some great songs, and I just am really digging it. I got Lany’s other EP not long ago too, which is also really good.

Unfortunately, I have developed a new obsession. The thing about me, is that I have an addictive personality. I need something to obsess over, otherwise I’m really restless and unhappy (more so than usual). This time, it’s 5 Seconds of Summer. See, there was a period about 3 years ago where I thought they were really good and I was listening to them occasionally. And then…it kind of stopped. I was kinda like “Eh.” For a while too! And then I was just suddenly in need of their newest CD, Sounds Good Feels Good. And DAMN. It was worth it. It’s so good. I get these Blink-183 and All Time Low vibes.
Even Third Eye Blind vibes and I love Third Eye

Left to right: Ashton, Calum, Luke, Michael. Aren’t they adorable little Australians? (Okay, little is probably a stupid thing to say b/c I’m like only 5 ft tall) but look at their skinny legs!

Blind (something I also listen to a lot lately).  I also want to point out how cute these guys are. The only problem I have is that they’re so young. I mean, granted I’m only 22, but anyone born after 1995 to me is young? It’s just weird. and the oldest of the group, Ashton is 21 and is barely a year younger than me, but on the other hand, the youngest, Luke, is 19? I don’t know. I’m just weird. I guess I’m so used to celebrities being older than me, and now that I’m getting older, the thought of younger celebrities is just weird.


I think a lot of people write them off because One Direction had a hand in discovering them and then let them tour with them. I mean, the other day I was talking to my friend and she actually said: “They’re just not as good as One Direction.” And I was kind of thinking about that statement. They’re not really even that similar to One Direction. I mean, 1D is all older than them. Yeah, on Sounds Good Feels Good, there are some songs where I think of One Direction when I hear them (i.e. Vapors, kind of and Story of Another Us reminds me a bit of them), but then there are songs like Airplanes where all I can hear is All Time Low and Yellowcard. Or, even Waste the Night. It’s kind of a poppy tune, but at the same time…It’s not really comparable to a One Direction sound. In fact, Sounds Good Feels Good reminds me mmore of Radio:Active era McFly than 1D. It just has the same vibes to it that I get from Radio:Active. I don’t know. Here, listen to my favorite song by them: Waste the Night

If you want a bigger look at what I’ve been listening to, listen to the playlist I made the other day on 8tracks below:

So anyway, that’s kind of where I’m at. I had some intense vertigo earlier in the month, and while it seems to have gotten better, it’s still there. Hopefully I’m not dying or anything like that. So, I guess until the next time I feel like updating/finish a draft!

Fanmixes Pt 2

Hey all! I’m back from the no-inspiration train!

First off, a quick update on me so you know I’m not dead (skip to the bold if you don’t want to read about me): I went home this past weekend to celebrate my birthday (I don’t feel 22, no matter how many times Taylor Swift gets stuck in my head). I went to a cool Apple Orchard near the Wisconsin/Illinois Border called Apple Holler and had a good time despite the rain. It was kinda expensive, especially for an out of work college student, but I still got to feed some goats and read about Johnny Appleseed. Plus the have really good Apple Dumplings, so I highly recommend it. Next Friday is the Twenty One Pilots concert, so BE EXCITED!

Now on to the actual post:

I’ve recently been trying to listen to 8tracks more, mostly to get out of new obsessions. Needless to say, I have a few playlists to share.

bb seth in Private Romeo (2011).

These are the only two Private Romeo Fanmixes/Soundtrack Mixes that I could find. If you’ve never heard of Private Romeo, please don’t feel bad. It’s a twist on Romeo and Juliet. It takes place at a military school, and Juliet is a guy. It also stars the fabulous Seth Numrich as Romeo, which is the sole reason why I watched it. I ended up really liking it, even if I seem to really not like Shakespere. This is probably because I have issues with being forced to read things. We read McBeth and Hamlet in school, so I never fully read Romeo and Juliet (that may or may not be true because I could have read it in middle school since my middle school was really into the arts and I took a few drama classes because of that. I know for sure we read Antigone). And while I found Hamlet highly amusing, it still gave me a headache, so you can see why I was unsure at first. But it was a beautiful movie, and I recommend it if you want a good love story (forget all you know about Romeo and Juliet, okay?)

Imagine my surprise when I found a Nathan Hale fanmix on 8tracks! I was so happy! And it turned out to actually be really good, especially in terms of being topical to him and his story. So basically, if you’re learning about him, jam out to these songs plz. It deserves attention, because I want more historical figure fanmixes. I think The Decemberists song (This Is Why We Fight) really works out great for Nathan and his cause. HISTORYUPBRO! (sorry, just let me fangirl over here especially now that I’m older than Nathan than when he died at the age of 21, still bummed bro)

The first of many Turn fanmixes. This one is probably my favorite because it’s mostly focused on the friendship between Benjamin Tallmadge and Celeb Brewster. And I mean, for the record, including a Radical Face song always gets points in my book, especially because it usually adds to the feeling of the mix real well. In this case they chose a song I don’t know well by Radical Face, Glory, but it works out a little too well for this mix.

Another fanmix for these brothers from different mothers, and its perfect! The creator made sure to include what lyrics that made them decide to include the song. For instance, the first song is Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE. The lyrics in this specific song that are quoted are:

“Brother let me be your shelter! I’ll never leave you all alone. I can be the one you call when you’re low. Brother let me be your fortress! When the night winds are driving on. Be the one to light the way, bring you home.”

This actually fits the two perfectly since the two would do ANYTHING for eachother. I’m pretty sure if you counted the amount of hugs in this show, more than half of them would be because of these two just can’t stop hugging. It’s almost a love story, sheesh, but a good one. ALSO: Another Radical Face song, so extra points!

A Ben Tallmadge fanmix. The description describes it best:

“A mix for the beautiful boy with a heart of gold and resolve of steel.”

Not only does it include Twenty One Pilots, but it’s just a lovely mix, so check it out! There are a few songs by some bands I don’t like, but obviously that would just be stupid to discriminate a playlist because of that.

These are fanmixes for the lovely BBC Miniseries, North & South. Basically it’s got Thorin from the Hobbit movies falling in love with a really pretty lady who speaks her mind and is very educated for a lady of her time. It’s a great series to watch if you want some good old atmospheric love story with Industrial England as the backdrop (and a portion of a the plot).  Or if you’re really into worker’s rights in the 19th century. I’ve still got to read the book it’s based off of, but I will eventually. They’ve got it on Amazon Kindle for free.


Idk what Caleb said but Ben is done with his bullshit!

There are other playlists I’ve listened to but didn’t mention because then I would have to go back and re listen, but I wasn’t feelin music by the time I got to the last playlist, despite it being good. So, while these aren’t normal fanmixes, they’re all really good and so I think you should go listen to them. Thanks!

A few fanmixes you should check out and also a bit of an update

HELLO ALL! (Or should I just say hello to myself?)

A heads up for all of you. School starts on Monday for me. This means that I may not be able to post for a while. I mean, not like I post all the time, but…Well, you get it. Because it’s my senior year, I will be busy busy busy! I’m taking one extra class in order to get my Museum Studies program done by the time I graduate in June. I also am hoping to get some experience so that I have at least some possibility of getting a job right out of college. That means I need to network a lot and be extra awesome at school.

I’m really excited though, since I applied for a job in the archives. I also am taking a class on the American Revolution which should be extra cool because it’s a higher level class. WOO!

There’s also the fact that I’ve got bronchitis. That means I may just be too tired to make many posts. Or that I have a lot of free time (which theoretically I shouldn’t since I need to pack).

I’m trying to get some more stuff out for all of you to read. I just have yet to find the subject. What do you want to read? Is there anything I’ve done so far that you’ve enjoyed?

So to hold you over, here’s a list of some cool ass playlists I’ve found. They’re all fanmixes and they’re all quite good. Enjoy!

With All My Heart by mindlessdesigns

This is a playlist inspired by Doc Roe from Band of Brothers. In Band of Brothers Shane Taylor plays Eugene Roe, the medic of Easy Co. If you’ve never seen Band of Brothers, I really recommend it. I’m a little obsessed with it, and the history of the real guys from Easy Co. They’re an inspiration for me. Doc Roe is easily my favorite member of the group, even though there isn’t much known about the real Doc Roe. I chose this playlist because I listened to it the other day and thought it was quite fitting for Roe, so enjoy!

doc roe is kinda sorta really angry
Cutie Doc Roe being angry at Sobel for getting them killed in a war training exercise.

And I Pray A Lot For You by lily-sevin

Another Roe playlist that is perfect.

Flash Gordon Mostly by somedumbindiething

Joe Liebgott is also someone else from Band Of Brothers. Good old, hot-tempered Skinny Joe Liebgott. This playlist is basically one giant lovesong to him, so listen to it bro.

Liebgott in the flash gordon scene I think
Liebgott in the flash gordon scene I think

Jack Drinks Jack by hello_die

A playlist for Jack Mercer. I’m not sure if any of you have picked this up yet, but I am totally in love with the movie Four Brothers. In fact, I rewatched it on Monday and was thinking of rewriting this post because it doesn’t do that movie justice and it makes me cringe SO MUCH. I’m sure a lot of people would be quick to jump and say that it’s nothing all that great, but I guess maybe some people don’t actually pay attention to character details like me. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Especially when it comes to Jack Mercer. Oh boy, that kid has some issues and I am a sucker for trying to find more everytime I watch it. So go watch the movie and listen to this great playlist.

Never Worry by jmandrake

This is a playlist for Nancy Drew & co. Not only does it have a picture of Nancy from the 70’s Hardy Boy & Nancy Drew Mysteries as the cover, but it’s kinda got a 70’s vibe to it, which I dig. Having loved that show (its before my time, but when we first got Netflix, I remember ordering the DVD’s for it and watching it after school) and anything Nancy Drew related, I really enjoyed this playlist. I thought that the person who created the mix really put a lot of thought into it and this resulted in a great playlist. So, check it out. Maybe also listen to the theme song for the 70’s show too because it’s stuck in my head and I’m annoyed by that. You know what, I don’t trust that you will go and find it so here it is:

It’s Not Unusual by emily-the-first

This is a fanmix for the sad OTP that isn’ gonna happen anytime soon: Bess Marvin and Joe Hardy.  I personally think the two are perfect for each other, but ya know. Can’t always have it your way… This mix is light and cute and I want to listen to it always, so you’re welcome.

Until We Bleed by pambeesly


My Kind of High Rollin’ by morbidlyobscure

These two are listed together because they’re both Seth Gecko x Kate Fuller fanmixes. If you haven’t seen the show, From Dusk Till Dawn, then you are really missing out. It’s based off of the cheesy film from the 90’s with George Clooney and Quinten Tarentino, and it’s kinda awful, but I love it. Anyway, because I’m a sucker for romance and sad OTPs that may not ever happen, I’m obviously attracted to the idea of SethxKate. People who make SethxKate mixes on 8tracks tend to do a good job. These are just two of many playlists that are good examples. I chose them since I had put them into my otp collection and my sethxkate collection, so I’m not saying they’re my favorites, but they’re definitely really good.

I Do Rule by martinducreff

I Do Rule is a playlist dedicated to the amazing character of Ezekiel Jones from TNT’s spinoff show of their Librarian movies, The Librarians. It’s kind like Syfy’s show, Warehouse 13, if you ever watched that, except it’s got the greatest character ever, Ezekiel Jones. Not only is he adorable, but I find him really hilarious. Anyway, I thought this was a great playlist because it really does sound like stuff he’d listen to.

some of the best faces from from Ezekiel.
some of the best faces from from Ezekiel.
Do you see that?!
Do you see that?!

Usually Quite Loud by untiltheygo

This playlist is a Spaced themed playlist. If you’ve never seen Spaced, then please find a way to check it out. It’s a show with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost before Shaun Of the Dead and the other Cornetto Trilogy movies were a thing. It’s got a great premise, and is pretty funny. Although, if you don’t watch a lot of British shows you may not find it as funny. I’m not sure. I would definitely recommend giving it a try anyway. Also listen to this playlist! It’s fun and really reminds me of the show!

The Cornetto Trilogy

If you go through all of these, hit me up for more, or just look through my liked playlists on 8tracks.

What do you think of these? Have anymore to recommend that you think I’d like?