Wonderful Web Wednesday Minus the Wednesday


Because I’m a total piece of shit, here’s Wonderful Web Wednesday on Monday, so really it’s just Wonderful Web. Anyway, I might do another for actual Wednesday this week.


My Favorite Murder

This is a podcast where these two women, Karen and Georgia, talk about interesting murders each episode. These murders are their “favorite murder” at the time of the podcast. They are not serious on the matter, which is something I find fun, since it’s such a serious topic. I personally like the lightness they add to the stories, because if not, I’m not sure I would make it through it. There are several to listen to, and in addition to this they’re often mentioning books, documentaries, and other things that you can check out. If you’re like me, someone who is often interested in true crime (who may know a little more than the average person), but has no way of knowing what is the best book to read and what book sucks, they’re a really good source! They also have this great thing where they let you talk about hometown murders from your town, so it’s also quite interactive. Plus, I really wish I could meet them because I think I would get along great with them.

Someone Knows Something:

A podcast that was mentioned in My Favorite Murder, that I just had to listen to since Karen and Georgia were obsessed about it circa episodes 7-9(?) in their podcast. Someone Knows Something is a well written podcast. It isn’t just a man talking, it’s almost as if he’s reading from a book he wrote. It’s atmospheric and quite simple – well, minus the whole plot of it, which involves the disappearance of a 5 year old. David Ridgen goes back to his hometown, Arnprior in Ontario, where a boy went missing in 1972. Ridgen talks to the family of the boy, Adrien McNaughton, to gather clues on his disappearance. He tries to solve the cold case and find Adrian, almost obsessively.



I have just realized that I have never explained my obsession with vloggers on youtube. It started with David Dobrik (I’m not even gonna link him because you can find him everywhere), and then all of his friends started vlogging. While my favorite is probably Zane Hijazi and even Carly and Erin’s channel, I have grown a strange attachment to Heath Hussar and Elton Castee’s own vlog, TFIL (The Fuck It List), where they do things on their list full of bucket-list type things, except they’re kind of extreme and kind of dumb sometimes. So I spend a lot of time worrying in my everyday life, like “oh is Elton getting held at gunpoint again?” or “Did Heath finally collapsed on a hike?”. In all fairness to Heath, I would have not made it this far (ha!). I also want to point out that I am totally crushing on Elton, and if he read this, I would die, but ya know…It’s a risk I’m taking just to tell you guys about these boys who have become something I look forward to. I also want to say that the filming of this vlog is phenomenal. Elton uses a drone, and gets some stunning shots of the scenery. The color is on point, and the music is hypnotizing to me. I love these guys so much.


Tv I’ve been watching:


Basically everything I ever wanted! A lady is forced to go back in time with a soldier and a computer geek to stop a terrorist from changing the course of history. It’s really interesting and fairly accurate. The latest episode was about Lincoln’s Assassination and I kind of know a lot about that, so it was interesting to watch, and they had their facts straight. They weren’t bullshitting it, which is probably why I love it so much. Also, the main character, Lucy, is a prettier, smarter, more accomplished version of me, so…Yeah. It’s on on Monday nights on NBC.

Milwaukee Blacksmith: 

The first season is over, but you can probably catch it on Hulu, or even the History website. It’s about a local family (A Milwaukee family in case you didn’t catch that), who own a blacksmith shop. They make some really cool stuff, and I really encourage you to watch it because you actually learn a lot about the trade.


This is a show on Viceland, a channel that seems to have no limits. They have programs on drugs and the black-market, so of course a man going into abandoned buildings and skateboarding is the obvious next thing to film for them. Rick McCrank (almost wrote mcKracken, ha!), a well known skateboarder (I guess? I don’t know, I don’t skateboard and have a general distaste towards skaters, but I have no idea why, so don’t ask). Rick goes to various places, whether they be failed cities/harbors, or even the remains of Route 66. He usually meets up with locals to learn more about these places. All in all, its a great show. It teaches you history, is a feast for the eyes of people who love old places, and the music/filming is pretty awesome. I just really am digging it. It’s on on Fridays, FYI.

That’s all for now. Some of these things are things I’ve been in to for a while now, but haven’t had time to write about. Some are newfound loves. Either way, I hope you enjoy all of them, if not, some of them. I wish I could be better at writing, and could write something really awesome to end this post, but we all know I’m a shitty blogger, so I guess this is where it ends for today. Have a good day!



Podcast Roundup: Because you didn’t ask for it, but I did

So, I’ve been pretty obsessed with podcasts as of late. Before I start my new weekly post that will probably be neglected every other month, I want to begin by thanking the girl in my history class my junior year of college that told me about Stuff You Missed in History Class, which began my obsession in the world of podcasts. I’ve talked about a few of them, and will probably just include some in this first podcast round-up for a little refresher, but also include some others that I’ve listened to.

  • Stuff You Missed In History

    As listed above, it’s a podcast about, you guessed it, history! More specifically, history you would not necessarily learn about, unless maybe you took a class on that specific period/place in college. You don’t need to be a know-it-all to listen to this podcast. Usually they explain everything well. The hosts are charismatic, and to be honest, I could listen to them all day.

  • Jim Harold’s Campfire

    I know I’ve mentioned this in a Wonderful Web Wednesday, but since Campfire is a podcast that I can’t seem to get enough of, here I am telling you about it again! It’s a podcast that Jim Harold hosts. Basically within each podcast, many people call in to tell their paranormal experiences. Some of them are really amazing and gave me chills, and let me say, it’s not easy to do that.

  • History Goes Bump

    This is a podcast that combines my two favorite things: Paranormal things and history. Granted, it’s not hard to do, but it’s solely focuses on that, so it’s basically everything I ever wanted in a podcast.

  • The Basement Yard

    Joe Santagato is a popular youtuber that I’ve known about for years, but didn’t start listening to his podcast, The Basement Yard, where he just…talks. Look, he’s hilarious, a bit crude (okay, kinda, sorta, really crude), and keeps your interest. From having his friends guest star on his show, to how his pictures are always being used to catfish people (which I’m not surprised, he’s good looking). Check him out!

That concludes this week’s podcast roundup. I don’t have a set day for these, so for now I’ll just keep them on Tuesdays, so please keep a look out for these posts.