Kind of a revival of music monday, but not

So, while being lost on the interwebs I came across a new band for me to listen to obsessively. First off, if you like 90’s pop, mixed a bit with backstreet boys meets new kids on the block, you may like them. But then you have to throw in some of the 1975’s first full album (think a bit She Way Out and Falling for you), then take really aesthetically pleasing pictures on film, throw some beautiful hot pink lyrics on the grainy photos for the album booklet, and you have Make Out by LANY. HELLO. YES. PLEASE. I really wanted to put up at least one of the pictures from the booklet, but I don’t know how they feel about that? Plus, you get the booklet with the cd, so go buy it.


So far I’m really digging it all, but I seem to be drawn to BRB/Kiss and Bad Bad Bad. Their lyrics are the kind I can really dig. So easy to relate to. Plus anyone who has the lyrics “and ya need to know I’m hella obsessed with your face” is automatically my new fave.

Check em out. Make out is only $2.99 on amazon right now. Their other cd is $4.99. I think they’re worth it, so do it bros.


Some Youtube channels/videos I’ve discovered!

So, last week before heading down to Chicago (which I will write about eventually), I was going through another paranormal kick. See, before I was obsessed with Chernobyl and even urban exploring, I had a love for anything paranormal. When I was in 5th grade, I asked to stay up past my bedtime just to watch Ghost Hunters. When I was probably around 6, I loved the show So Weird on Disney Do you guys remember that show? I wish they still made shows like that, but I guess because it from the late 90’s early 2000’s, it was more about the introduction to the internet into kid’s lives, and how this girl, Fee, was using it to investigate the paranormal.

And even earlier, you can trace my weird love from me just being a creepy child. Things like me having an imaginary friend at the age of about 3 that lived in the wall between my parents bedroom and the bathroom. What was weird, however, was that this “friend” wore old timey clothes, something that a 3 year old shouldn’t understand. Of course, I’ve always been a history nerd, so I suppose I could have just been ahead of the curve in that department, or not. Other things, like having a recurring nightmare of a bird that watched me while I slept (I think now, that this wasn’t malevolent, but rather my spirit guide, which, idk kinda weird. Would have thought it was a cat), or the time the “lady in white” scared away the “scary man”. Or the week I was certain there were dogs at the end of my bed drinking out of a water bowl even though we owned none, and finally the man who sat in front of my bedroom door and watched me (which I think now was a shadow person). I don’t know, you may not even believe me. That’s fine. I don’t care. I know that I was a weird child and an even weirder adult.

When you can still find the paranormal section in your local library, then you know you’ve got some issues. So, every once and a while, I go through kicks of intense obsessions with the paranormal. This was one of those weeks. I somehow stumbled onto a video, with which I have no recollection of, then onto another from there.

This video appeared to be a very amateur group of high schoolers who got to investigate their high school in Nebraska. At first I had my doubts. I thought it would just be Ghost Adventures all over again. It wasn’t. These guys knew their stuff, and while they were somewhat unnerved by what they found, they were more professional than a lot of ghost hunting teams are on tv. Check it out here or watch it below.

Unfortunately, episode two has not been uploaded and this is about a year old already. Colin, the main investigator seems to have gone to college. I did some digging (in a not so creepy way), and found that he seems to be focused on a singing career currently. He even auditioned/was on American Idol? I don’t know. All I know about American Idol is that sometimes I just watch bad auditions on youtube. I’ve never been fond of the show (in fact I kind of hate it but whatever).

The next is a miniseries I also accidentally stumbled upon. It’s been going on since about 2011, and is on it’s 14th season. I’m just now on the 11th. Let me tell you, season 10? It HURTS. Anyway, it starts off with a girl, Sunshine, who’s just moved into a new house with her mom and thinks it’s haunted. Her mom doesn’t believe her so she decides to film to see if she’ll catch anything…What starts out as just searching to proof leads to even bigger questions and scarier hauntings. Basically, Sunshine fights some pretty evil things. Along for the ride are her mom, Kat (with whom Sunshine is very close to), a family friend they refer to as Uncle Tommy, who is pretty adorable, and Nolan (my fave), this really weird guy that found them randomly to give them a message and ends up being Sunshine’s best friend (creating a new otp for me…).

Sunshine, her mom, and Nolan

What started as a youtube show starring Paige Mckensie as Sunshine, has led to two movies, a book series 5104y5p5j7l(just started the first and it’s really good), and a tv show. I’m excited for all of it because this story is something I wish I had when I was younger, but am glad to have now. Here’s the channel. Start on season 1 if you don’t want to be hella confused. Or if you’re lazy, check out the first episode below. I do recommend watching the seasons in playlists tho so that you dont have to keep clicking on the next episode. Happy watching! Or should I say witching…because…You know what, nevermind.




music monday header

Hey guys! I almost forgot to do my Music Monday post! That would have been a disaster! Well, here it is, short and simple!

My recommendations for today are only two:

The Sun by Tigers Jaw

I discovered these guys on Tumblr (where I find a lot of my music), but only listened to one song by them until recently. I really like the way The Sun sounds, same for the lyrics. They’re pretty cool.

Out Of The Blue by Aly and Aj

Okay, so this is both kinda old and cheesy, but I still love me some Aly and AJ. I remember listening to only them on the bus in 6th grade, so there’s that.

This post is pretty boring, but I’m hurrying up so I can finish a movie I started watching this morning. It’s got Ryan Phillippe and he has blue hair. *swoon* ALSO I discovered that my best friend literally lives across the street from 88.9?! Catfish and the Bottleman were there! Urgh.

The dreaded first post…



I basically have more than 10 blogs on the interwebs currently. I use 4 and now there is this one which is basically my “private” one, where only I know about about.

I’m currently a freshman in college. I don’t mind it, I just miss my home a lot. I also am one of the people in America who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Recently I’ve been noticing that it’s getting a little worse again. Having hated all of Middle school and High School because of it, I’m trying my hardest not to let it spoil my life here at college.

My life is really the most boring one of all. I have no job. I spend most of my life on the computer or in class. I do read a lot, and I love tv, but this really has no plus side for me since I cannot earn money from it.

Also, being the spastic freak that I am, I don’t drive, so really I’m just one boring person.

Boring people unite!