Discoveries of more urban exploring on youtube while drinking…Kinda

I know, you guys are probably thinking I’m just on my 5th beer or something like that. Well, first off. I hate beer. So much. Second of all, the only alcohol I really can have is Vodka. Which, okay, I’m gonna stop talking about that now. I just want you to know that after unpacking my stuff in my dorm (kinda, I still have to decorate and get fancy), I decided to sit down and see what the interwebz was like. Unfortunately, being me, I fell into a sad hole of no return. Instead of watching videos of Harry Styles, like I intended, I was distracted by the word ABANDONED. Which, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s kinda one of my favorite words on Youtube. I want you to know that I have based my college career off of Chernobyl, but that’s another post for another day. Basically the word Abandoned before a youtube video only means awesome sauce for me. Anyway, I clicked…OOPS. Sara has fallen and cannot get up.

I found this series done by a gaming channel, BrightSunGaming. it started as a small video with some interesting facts about an abandoned attraction in Disney World, a few updates on it, and then a series of videos about abandoned places done by a guy named Jake. Which by the by…I’m kinda crushing on him. What’s new though? I’m kinda crushing on everyone these days. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you reader. Wink Wink. ANYWAY. BEFORE I INTERRUPTED MYSELF, this guy researches all these abandoned places, then does a video where he gives the history of the place. It’s not the same as walking around the abandoned places, but his research is really hot. Like, it must be the History Major in me or something, but I’m attracted to a guy who can do good research, and I’m also really into videos with a lot of research put into it.

So, because my last post on urban exploring on youtube had so many hits and because it’s midnight, I don’t have school until Monday, I have cough medicine for this bronchitis, as well as my vodkanade (idk lemonade and honey citrus vodka, bro, probably shouldn’t be taking both that and the meds), I thought I would do some more youtube exploring and gather another list of some more youtubers with cool abandoned places related videos. Obviously, Jake and BrightSunGaming are first… Check out two of the videos. The first is an informational video about Disney’s abandoned Legendary Years Resorts (the first I watched of the series) and the second is a video of Jake exploring River Country for the first time.

~~~~Sidenote! When I went to the profile page for their channel, the featured video DIDN’T start playing and freaking me out by it’s witchcraft, so KUDOS guys!

And while we’re on the topic of River Country at DisneyWorld, here’s a site where I got that map from: It gives some cool details about the place with some cool pictures. So, yeah. Check that out.

The next recs are going to actually be in list format so check this out:

LiveFastDiePoor: To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to explain this channel. I’m not sure what the main goal of it is, but it’s hella entertaining. Apparently the channel is from the website, and it’s an online magazine type thing.

Not quite urban exploration. Maybe I should just rename this post or something, because it’s becoming more about research than anything, but this guy is really informative. And he does it in an entertaining way. I’m still searching for the words to describe why I find it entertaining, because I find just about everything entertaining to an extent.  I almost feel like he should have a kids show or something. I’d watch it. Plus his hair is usually on point, so, there’s that.

AdamTheWoo: A channel I’ve kind of been circling around. To be honest, I have no excuse as to why I haven’t watched any of his stuff all the way through. I mean, he seems quite charismatic, and I am entertained by his comments and his information seems legit, it’s just that whenever I go to watch his videos, I’m in the middle of something. Why am I even watching a youtube video then? But, anyway, I did watch a couple videos for you guys (and for myself), and I have found that he is really good at what he does. He’s creative. If he’s given an obstacle, he will find away around it. There’s a reason Jake from BrightSunGaming mentioned Adam like five times in multiple videos. The guy is good at what he does. He’s there to show you abandoned things, and he will show you either way. From what I’ve heard, he’s been banned from Disneyland (or was it world?) for getting caught sneaking into River Country, so this bruh is hard core. Here I am, sitting in my dorm room wishing I could ride the Dumbo Ride and there he is getting kicked out. Like, man. I want to be him. Check him out!

And for good measure, here’s a video where he goes and looks at the resort near Disney World that was swallowed by a sinkhole:

Outside of tornadoes, sinkholes are one of my biggest fears. They’re scary as fuck, man. Do you even know why they happen? It’s crazy and almost unstoppable. Okay a totally scientific reasoning behind (ha, this is something I’m getting from a show I watched, like 2 weeks ago, so bear with me) is that  the limestone disappears because water erodes it and then the stuff on top of that limestone is gone. Forever. Well, I mean, seemingly. There was that guy that fell into that sinkhole last year in Florida (okay, I’m seeing a trend though: Florida=Sinkholes so stay away), and they never could get his body because it was just gone. So you can see why my apprehension about sinkholes is sound. Anyway, not quite urbex, but extremely interesting. Plus Adam and his dad posed as media and got an interview with some fancy smart guy, so there’s that.

Unfortunately, that is all for tonight. I will keep my eyes open for more channels or websites. In meantime, go watch all that stuff I showed you and think about the impending doom of sinkholes. Peace out!


Urban Exploring on Youtube

One of the things I’ve been occupying myself with is youtube.  Youtube has videos of everything, but I’ve been looking at particular videos. Urban Exploring. I’m not sure what happened, but I clicked on a video and found myself immersed in one youtubers adventures through abandoned asylums and schools. Soon I started looking around and seemed to have found some decent channels. Which has led to this post. I’m going to recommend some of the channels for you.

Exploring with Josh

The very first channel I came across was this one He worded the titles of his videos in such away that I clicked. The words ‘abandoned’, ‘secret’, and ‘government’ were just a few words that grabbed my attention in the first video I watched of him. In it, him and a friend were going through an old government building. Here’s the video:

His name is Josh, and he really loves abandoned buildings. I am so amused by watching him get so excited over peeling paint and objects left behind. In some videos he tries to give a bit of a history of the place, which being a history major, I really appreciate.

He usually goes with his friends, most of which have their own channels too. There’s Cody, who seems like a cool guy. He has a video of him getting his diving license and diving in a shipwreck (which is really up my alley), and he also has a scary experience in a building alone. I really like the vibe he gives off. It seems really chill and I want to meet him. Here’s the shipwreck video:

Then there’s John who appears to have a fashion sense that I really want. He is really adorable, and I enjoy watching his videos. Especially when he’s with Steve, who is also on my list because he is also adorable. Both keep me pretty entertained in these buildings. And as always, you see Josh in the background filming and being really excited about everything, so that’s a plus. Also, Steve and John have caught some interesting experiences on camera by accident, much like the other people on this list. Check them out!

Another channel to check out is Dan Bell’s. He has various series of buildings he goes through, and there’s something really relaxing about them. Not only does he do research, but he’s quite good at filming. He’s had a couple creepy run-ins with some weird things, but is really brave and stays. I really love his Dead Motel series where he visits abandoned motels and hotels. There’s something eerie and beautiful about an old, ruined motel. I pass one when I drive up to school, but I always forget to look at which exit I would take to get to it. I always wanted to explore it, so I guess Dan’s channel is basically a dream come true. I also could listen to him talk all day. No really! There’s something about how he sounds and how he talks that is just so…soothing? Even when he swears it’s amazing.

Check out one of the Dead Motel series videos:

The last is a man who goes by Frank. I first discovered him because of my mom. She follows Amy Bruni on Twitter. If you don’t know who Amy Bruni is, she was on Ghost Hunters and is very active in the twitter community. She shared this article from a website called involving a guy who explores abandoned mines. In a particular mine, he comes across some weird experiences such as things moving on their own, and voices being heard wen he was the only one in there, with one tunnel and one way in and out. My mom watched these videos and told me to check them out, and my oh my, were they creepy!  I then proceeded to look at his channel, and found that he went to some interesting mines, and being a freak, I LOVE mines. He also is really knowledgeable about mines, so you might learn a thing or two. If you want to watch the creepy ghost mine videos, the article has them posted, or they’re on his channel. Really though, his channel is really cool!

There’s one thing I really want to point out about all of these guys. None of them take anything or purposely vandalize the locations they visit. They all seem to really enjoy these buildings and think there is a beauty in the decay. I agree and wish I had the guts to do this. I’m not afraid of ghosts, I’m afraid of running into some people doing weird satanic rituals, or falling down a hole. I’m not the type of person who should be urban exploring, so I live vicariously through these guys.

I hope you check them all out, because I think they’re worth the watch. Anywho, get back to your lives. Or live like me on youtube.

ALSO, I saw one direction tonight, and before you write me off for seeing them, know this: Never have I ever heard someone on stage actually tell me that they hope I’m having a good time because they are there to entertain me. NEVER. I thought that was interesting. That, and they do put on a great show. So, really, those directioners seem to know which popstars to pick. I think that show might have been better than when I saw Aaron Carter in 2002.