Podcast Roundup: Because you didn’t ask for it, but I did

So, I’ve been pretty obsessed with podcasts as of late. Before I start my new weekly post that will probably be neglected every other month, I want to begin by thanking the girl in my history class my junior year of college that told me about Stuff You Missed in History Class, which began my obsession in the world of podcasts. I’ve talked about a few of them, and will probably just include some in this first podcast round-up for a little refresher, but also include some others that I’ve listened to.

  • Stuff You Missed In History

    As listed above, it’s a podcast about, you guessed it, history! More specifically, history you would not necessarily learn about, unless maybe you took a class on that specific period/place in college. You don’t need to be a know-it-all to listen to this podcast. Usually they explain everything well. The hosts are charismatic, and to be honest, I could listen to them all day.

  • Jim Harold’s Campfire

    I know I’ve mentioned this in a Wonderful Web Wednesday, but since Campfire is a podcast that I can’t seem to get enough of, here I am telling you about it again! It’s a podcast that Jim Harold hosts. Basically within each podcast, many people call in to tell their paranormal experiences. Some of them are really amazing and gave me chills, and let me say, it’s not easy to do that.

  • History Goes Bump

    This is a podcast that combines my two favorite things: Paranormal things and history. Granted, it’s not hard to do, but it’s solely focuses on that, so it’s basically everything I ever wanted in a podcast.

  • The Basement Yard

    Joe Santagato is a popular youtuber that I’ve known about for years, but didn’t start listening to his podcast, The Basement Yard, where he just…talks. Look, he’s hilarious, a bit crude (okay, kinda, sorta, really crude), and keeps your interest. From having his friends guest star on his show, to how his pictures are always being used to catfish people (which I’m not surprised, he’s good looking). Check him out!

That concludes this week’s podcast roundup. I don’t have a set day for these, so for now I’ll just keep them on Tuesdays, so please keep a look out for these posts.


Music Monday: Labor Day Edition


Trying a new Music Monday header?! Much better than the last!

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything that’s Labor Day themed, but at least I’m posting! It’s going to be short and sweet, but I think that’s fine because I’m pretty tired and if I don’t post now, I’ll forget.

So, I actually just discovered this guy about 30 minutes ago, and while I wouldn’t say he’s my new fave, I’m really digging Gnash. It’s probably pronounced like Nash, but I seem like to imagine it’s pronounced ga-nash.


I’m getting Matty Healy vibes with Gnash. Also, Olivia’s lipstick is pretty rad.



In the first15035173.jpg video, Olivia O’Brien is featured in it as well, and I really like her too, so  few songs by her are below. I don’t know much about either, and this is probably considered lazy blogging, but whatevs! I’m currently freaking out over the Jaws fabric we carry at Joannes. Is it not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? We’ve got other Jaws themed fabrics too and now I wish I sewed because I would love to make something with them. Maybe pillow cases? Or even a giant quilt with just Jaws fabric and other blue/shark themed things? Oh gosh. I’ve already spent too much time in Joannes. I’m like so ready to craft, but I have no idea how to do so. I have no skills in sewing, nor do I own a sewing machine. And quilting just goes straight over my head. One of the managers has decided that I’m going to be one of the Knitter pro’s, and will be the one to answer and yarn/knitting questions. Honestly, I don’t mind, but they haven’t seen how bad I am at knitting. BACK TO THE REAL POST:



A lovely cover of Avril’s Complicated. I personally kind of prefer this because I’m not a fan of Avril.


That’s all for today. Hope this was worth your while!

Wonderful Web Thursday Because I missed Wednesday


Urgh, sorry readers! I tried so hard to keep up with this and post on Wednesday, but I’ve been working and when I’m not working I’m tired and watching our new dog Gertie to make sure she doesn’t eat up the house.

Today I’m only going to post a few things because I’m a day late.


So this is a Korean Drama that’s also a Netflix Original, I guess? I’m not quite sure I understand Netflix originals because I know that some are considered original but I know that they’re from a specific channel. For example, From Dusk Til Dawn is on El Rey, which we actually get, but it’s considered an original. Or, at least, it was? I don’t know! Anyway, Drama world is really cool because it’s about a normal girl who dramaworld2-00020gets transported into Dramaworld, the work of K-Dramas, where she has to make sure everything goes well. It plays on all of the normal K-Drama cliches, i.e. Lead men cannot physically allow a girl to faint and hit the ground, or there’s at least one shower scene with the lead man. It’s a really cute series that’s only 10 episodes long, and the episodes themselves are only around 13 minutes each, so you’re looking at a total of 130 minutes, give or take. It’s a quick watch, but a cute one.

I’m listing this under a “wonderful web wednesday” because it’s on netflix, or if you don’t have a netflix subscription, you can watch it at Viki.com which leads me to my next thing!


Viki.com is an awesome website that has K-Dramas, Taiwinese dramas, anime, bollywood and telenovela’s online with subtitles. Some require a viki pass that you need to subscribe for, but for the most part, everything that’s available is pretty extensive and it’s just super awesome, so check it out.

That’s all for today! Hope I gave you some good recs!

Music Monday

Well, isn’t this a surprise! I’m actually posting a new Music Monday! I know, I know, but please hold your applause until after I’m done!

This week I am going to talk about two songs. The first is M83’s song Go! featuring Mai Lan

Apparently Teen Wolf is in M83. Wow. They’re so much cooler now. And I mean that sincerely, despite me hating the movie. I used to watch the MTV show, but haven’t the last season. I kind of miss the first few seasons, probably because I miss Allison.

ANYWAY, Go! is a song for the century to be honest. It’s almost hypnotic with it’s repetitious lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head. I like to imagine a couple in a subway or something of that nature, and one half is running after the other half shouting “Our love ran away!” and so they’re chasing the other because they gotta catch it. I really enjoy the addition of Mai Lan to the band for this song. I kind of wish she did more songs with them. Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous? Jeeze, she’s got looks and a voice. I’m jealous.

M83 is coming to The Riverside this October and hopefully I’l be able to convince someone to go. I think my mom is interested. I bet if I buy her ticket she’d go. I’ve never been to the Riverside (that I know of?), so that should be cool. If it’s as cool as The Pabst theater, then I should have a really cool time. Let’s see how many times I say cool in this post!

The second song is from Modern Baseball’s new album, Holy Ghost. The song Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind is beautiful, I think. I hate the title, but that’s only because I can’t drink any type of hard cider anymore and while they could be referring to just Apple Cider, it still reminds me of hard cider. If you could see me right now, you’d see me shuddering.

Despite giving me chills for being a reminder of my issues with hard cider, the song gives me chills for other reasons. I think it’s well structured in both the lyrics and the instruments.

One of my favorite sites is genius.com because it allows people to post their interpretations of song lyrics. It’s honestly so helpful. I spent a lot of time in school working on poetry and deconstructing their meanings, so the site also makes me a bit nostalgic. On the page for Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind, people seem to have come to the conclusion that this song is about a relationship that is failing, and the person wonders if it’s worth saving. I seem to be a sucker for songs about “what if’s” and “maybe’s”. For  instance my favorite song by McFly is Falling In Love off of they’re awesome album RadioActive. So, it’s no wonder I like this song. My favorite verse is the very first verse:

Did you ever love me?
Biopsy from the origin of sound,
Confirms you’re speaking truthfully.
Concludes everything I thought about.

The very first time I heard this, that first line caught me. As I stated earlier, I’m a sucker for songs about “maybes” and anything that fuels a drama filled scene in my mind is welcome. I heard it, and thought that it was an interesting way to start the song. It makes you listen to it all in it’s entirety, which isn’t even 2 minutes. It’s short, not sweet, and to the point. Your still left with that question, especially because from the second and third lines, you know that the person speaking has been wondering this from the beginning of the relationship. The last line isn’t even fully formed, it’s a repeated line, but it stops before it ends. To add to this, it’s the word “forever”, but it’s stopped at “for”, so when he says “Tell me this is forever”, but doesn’t even finish the word forever, we know it isn’t forever. However, even though we know it’s not forever, we still don’t know if they ever loved them!

Overall, the song is interesting, and beautiful, I think. Modern Baseball has some really great songs with lyrics that are so relatable, which is why I really like them. If you like them too, you should check them out, as well as The Front Bottoms because they’re kind of similar. I just learned both bands are touring with Brand New this year and will be at The Rave the day after my birthday, so I’m kinda jazzed about that. I probably won’t go because I don’t know anyone that likes any of them, except one person who likes The Front Bottoms, but I don’t think we’re close enough to go to The Rave together. I mean, if you’ve ever been to a concert venue like The Rave, then you know what I’m talking about.

Anywho, how was that for a revival of Music Mondays? I’m going to work on a new logo for it because that old one is so bad. Have a good day guys and listen to some good music!

“Cool” Count: 4

Not as bad as I thought it would be!

Seeing Catfish and the Bottlemen Live

My memory is going to be a bit hazy because this concert was June 6th, and to be honest, it was a bit surreal. You guys know about Catfish and the Bottlemen because of THIS POST. So, because of that post, you know that I’m totally into them and have a huge crush on Van McCann. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that Emily won Soundcheck passes for their concert. I was ecstatic. I mean, I had gone to bed but ran back downstairs to tell my mom that I was going to be able to meet them. I was so excited, I’m not even sure how I slept that night (probably trazodone).


This is what transpired.

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Sara Update

So, as promised, here’s that much anticipated and much requested update on my life!

First things first, I went to two concerts since June, which I will be writing separate posts about because they’re too great to not write about. Also some pretty significant things happened, so…When I am not so lazy, I’ll post the pics and videos from them in their posts.

Health-wise, I’m okay. I left school because of my mental and physical health. I still get vertigo every once and a while, but it mostly occurs around moving vehicles. It’s extra bad when I cross the river bridges by Cassie’s apartment because you have traffic on one side and the water on the other. I told her and Emily once that I needed blinders, like the ones the horses have. I think that would work well. My ears are still a little messed up from the ear-infections, and occasionally I think I have an infection again. I found a doctor down here finally, and had some blood-work done. Apparently I have a high deficiency in Vitamin D. Cassie pointed out that everyone in Wisconsin does, but I think maybe in addition to the lack of sunlight I’m getting, something else is causing it. However, it does explain my stomach problems and why I’m always tired. I now take Vitamin D once every week, but it’s only been two weeks, so let’s see how things go in another 2 weeks.

I started therapy again. I really like my therapist. She reminds me a bit of my therapist from High School. Very calm and relatable. It helps that she has a cute little office. Therapy is obviously a good thing for me, because I seem to be better when I’m able to talk to someone about my issues. I’m also driving every once and a while, which is more than what I was doing. Hopefully I’ll get my license soon-ish. I don’t know. I still am not fond of driving. I like the way it feels and I have my own truck, so I wouldn’t be vehicle-less, however, I don’t trust other drivers. It really doesn’t help that my neighbor got shot at during a case of road-rage  somewhat near here, back in April. He’s alive still, but I think it added to my list of driving-anxieties. But, Cassie takes me out driving sometimes, and we’re still alive. She also said I wasn’t a bad driver, so I mean, that’s something. I still have to drive on the freeway, which I am TERRIFIED of. I think it’s more the getting on and off that scares me, not the speed. Who knows…

I have decided not to go back to Lawrence. I’m not sure where or when I will, but in the future I will be finished up my B.A., but it will be somewhere down here in Milwaukee, most likely UW Milwaukee. I am sad thinking about not going back in September, but then I remember that all of my friends have graduated and I realize that I would only know about 3 students, and I mean “know” in more of an acquaintance sense, and since I left partially because of my depression and anxiety, I think it would not be good to put myself into a situation that would leave me depressed for 3 months.

Instead, I decided to work for a bit. I spent all summer searching for jobs, and even had a couple interviews, one at Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, because I only have experience in a dish room no one wanted to hire me. Except, last week I applied for Jo-Ann Fabrics and got the job! I start Saturday. It’s only minimum wage, but I’ll be working 28 hours a week, which is more than I did at school, and so I’ll get a little more money than I did. Maybe I can be promoted in the future. Who knows?!

I’m extremely excited about this new job. Working in a craft store sounds like fun. I myself am crafty, but don’t craft much at all. If that makes sense…I have no money, so I am not able to invest in the resources needed for crafting. I taught myself how to knit in  college, and also painted in High School. I want to get into sewing so I can make my own things, like Halloween costumes. I know that Jo-Anne’s has classes, so maybe I can sign up for those. All in all, I’m really looking forward to this (AND MAKING MY OWN MONEY AGAIN!). It feels like things are starting to finally go somewhat right for me.

I hope you all are doing swell. Anyone else get a new job? Having driving anxieties? Go see their favorite bands? I promise those posts are coming up! Have a good day/week! TGIF! KINDA.


Wonderful Web Wednesday

Hello all! It’s me! Sara! (No one else has the password to this blog, so I honestly am not sure why I’m telling you that it is I, Sara, the owner of this blog.) I have been quiet for the last few months. I don’t think I’ve written anything since I first came back home from school, so…Hey! Here I am!

I am going to do a separate post tomorrow that updates you all on my life in case you’re into that kind of stuff because I actually have some stuff to talk about! Today, however, I thought I would do kind of a round-up of all the things I’ve been enjoying on the interwebs the past few days, weeks, months. This is kind of inspired by Rookie Mag‘s Daily Links. I strive to be as awesome as Rookie, which is an online magazine I’ve been reading since it’s early years. It’s target audience is teens mostly, but I’m pretty sure that if it’s still around in 8+ years, I’ll still be reading it. I’m not as vigilant about staying up to date with it as I wish. I check it maybe twice every month, but it’s great for EVERYTHING, movie/tv/music/book recs, makeup tutorials, diy crafts, pretty pics, short stories, etc.

What is Wonderful Web Wednesday? Well, other than being a title I just came up with (SO creative, ain’t it?), it’s going to be a weekly post that is a round up of all things Sara likes. This means it can be ANYTHING( i.e. Movies, Books, people, podcasts). ANYTHING. I will try to do 2-3 categories, with 1-2 things per category. Hopefully I can keep this up! HA! So, without further ado, here is WONDERFUL WEB WEDNESDAY:


  • The Great British Baking Show/ Bake Off


This show is The Show of all shows. I am in love. Absolutely in love. I try to watch the Big Fat Quiz of the Year on youtube every January, wising we got access to the live version here in America. One of the things they always talk about is the Great British Bake Off. It always sounded great to me because I always preferred baking over cooking. The other day Cassie and I watched Chopped and it got me in the mood for food-related shows. Chopped is okay, but they are told to use a lot of ingredients I don’t see in my normal everyday life. I understand why they use the ingredients they do, however I cannot relate. So, when I got home, I decided to look at Netflix’s collection of food shows. It’s grown exceptionally in the past few years, even if it’s “Collections” (Or “Bullshit” if you’re me and you want more episodes of Ghost Adventures because you’ve seen the whole collection on tv at least 40 times). I was then reminded that the Great British Bake Off was on Netflix ( As the Great British Baking Show)

What do I like about the Great British Baking Show? Well, for starters, it’s calming. Even when they only have 20 minutes left on the clock and they’re still rushing, it’s not obnoxious like Chopped. I feel like I’m going to be comparing it a lot to Chopped, which I’ve grown to have mixed feelings about. But I also am not a fan of the judges on Chopped, whereas I really like Mary Berry, so I’m kinda biased now. Anyway, baking, to me, is a lot more relaxed than cooking. I’m not sure why. Who knows? Whatever the reason, it relaxes me. Even when my cakes turn out looking like Hagrid’s Birthday Cake for Harry in the first Harry Potter Movie. Was there even a cake in the book?

happee birthdae.jpg
“Happee Birthdae”

In addition to calming me, it also inspires me. I made a reference to Hagrid’s cake, mainly because I made a cake yesterday. It turned out to be a disaster, and Mary Berry would be absolutely appalled by it, especially because it’s box-mix. I would have tried making one from scratch, but my mom had bought the mix for me, and I didn’t want to dip into her own ingredients. Anyway, things just didn’t go well, and it’s really just a big pink mess. Much like me. At least pink is a favorite color of mine, and my Dad and Brother will eat anything that is cake-like. I had a picture of it on my snapchat story, but because snapchat is so freaking fussy, I cannot you guys a picture of it without taking one of it right now, even though it’s missing about 1/3 from last night’s dessert.

Anyway, please watch the Great British Baking Show. It is a DELIGHT.

  • Miss Rose


Miss Rose is a Taiwanese Rom-Com I came across last night on Netfix. Normally I would allow for a few days for the thing to ruminate in my brain before declaring my love for something. That’s the case for The Great British Bake Off, but with Miss Rose, I found it last night and watched about 12 episodes of it. Holy Moley, guys! This show is hilarious! It’s about a lady, Luo Si Yi working at a company that’s pretty much failing. Gao Cheng Kuan is sent to the company to fix it. He’s not known to be a warm person, and had several run-in’s with Luo Si Yi prior to this, so they’re not fond of each other. The show’s romance is definitely the slowest of slow-burn romances, but the slower the burn, the more I like it. Anyway, it’s cute and I recommend it to anyone who gets sucked into random foreign dramas on Netflix


Paranormalkativity’s channel is probably what you think it is. A channel about anything paranormal and weird. Kat, the woman behind the channel (hence her really clever name. Honestly though, I just adore her, so she could say something really non-clever and I would find it clever) is really into ghosts and anything creepy like that. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that I am also into that kind of stuff, so it’s a good thing I found her channel.

A lot of her videos are spooky tales of ghosts/weird-things. She has videos of her ghost hunting, her using ouija boards and whatnot. So, really everything I ever loved in one channel! Here’s an example of what you can expect on her channel:



This podcast is hosted by Jim Harold and is a chalk-full of wonderfully creepy ghost stories. People call in from all over from the U.S. and Canada with their ghost experiences. They range from stories of people’s children recalling past lives, to haunted houses. My favorite was one about a lady who seemed to have driven through ghost town, in the literal sense of Ghost Town. It didn’t exist and friends in a car that was driving ahead of her didn’t see a town at all.

You can find it on pretty much all podcast apps on your phone/tablets/computers, or you can just go to his website. He’s a pretty charismatic guy, and the people that call in have some great stories. I’ve heard some of the creepiest stories I’ve heard in a while, and I have heard A LOT of ghost stories. Check it out. Some interesting questions arise from these stories as well, so if you check it out and wanna talk about some of them, hit me up. I’d love to here your thoughts on them.


That’s it for today. Hopefully you had fun with this list. I did! That sounded so cheesy. Sorry.


Sorry I haven’t been on at all since April. I’ve been on a leave of Absence from school for health problems, and would have been graduating June 12, so you can see how I’m just really sad right now. I’ve watched a lot of movies, however, and will have things to say. Hopefully I can get myself to write about them sometime this week or next week. We’ll see. Until then, sorry!

The 30th Anniversary of Chernobyl

Due to popular demand by me, this is my obligatory Chernobyl post for the 30th anniversary. I’m not going to write a large, 5,000 word essay about the event and it’s consequences, because I know that you’ll be able to read several articles from major papers online from the event. Not only that, but there are many scientific reports on the incident if you’re into that kind of stuff. Instead of a long-winded post, I’m going to create kind of a mini-masterpost about the event. I’ll include articles you can read, books I’ve read/am reading, even pictures.

Chernobyl Children: This is an organization that helps with the children who are still living in the zone are are still suffering from Chernobyl.


  • USA Today’s AMAZING Interactive Article
  • Wall Street Journal’s article: This article is really interesting because it visits the topic of the new cover for the reactor. Currently, the sarcophagus is the only barrier between people and the contaminated reactor. Except, the sarcophagus was built in a hurry, so it wasn’t built well, or with good materials. It’s been falling apart for years, and was only expected to last for about 30 years (so, basically it’s expired). The new cover will go over the reactor sometime in 2017.
  • History Channel’s article: This gives 8 facts that you might not have known about Chernobyl. Not to toot my horn or anything, but I already knew all of that. You might not, however! It’s a quick and interesting read which visits facts such as the wildlife boom after, the cleanup process, and even talks about how the Soviet Union tried to cover it up.
  • US New’s article: This article gives a quick look at the numbers (i.e. deaths, amount of land in the exclusion zone).
  • Nat Geo’s article on the new tomb: This is another article about the new tomb being  constructed. They interview a Liquidator (someone who was n the clean up team after the accident), as well has showing some really cool pictures.
  • Nat Geo’s other article about the animals of the exclusion zone.
  • An Interview with Gerd Ludwig: This is an interview with a photographer who was one of the first Western Photographers to get access to the reactor. He also created a book with pictures of Chernobyl called “The Long Shadow of Chernobyl”, which has been on my wish list for years. I remember holding it once while I was a Barnes & Noble. It was kind of a religious experience for me.


  • The Sky Unwashed by Irene Zabytko: A fictional story about an old woman who is displaced from the explosion.
  • Voices from Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexivich: Gives first hand accounts of people who were effected by the accident.
  • The Boy from Reactor 4 by Orest Stelmach: Book one of a series about a boy who lived in the exclusion zone. A really interesting story that also involves the Ukrainian mob. FUN STUFF! I don’t know about the newer books in the series, or if this is still happening but when I bought it, some of the money was donated to Chernobyl Children, which was the number one reason why I bought it. It ended up being a good read. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to read the second one, which I do own. I need to finish that…
  • All That is Solid Melts Into Air by Darragh McKeon: A book that I have yet to read, but own. It apparently looks at the collapse of the Soviet Union, using Chernobyl as a focal point.
  • The Long Shadow of Chernobyl by Gerd Ludwig: I mentioned this book above. It’s a collection of photographs of Chernobyl by Gerd Ludwig and its kinda expensive, which is why I don’t own it. Yet.

Besides these, I’ve read several other books on the topic for essays, but won’t list them because there are MANY and a lot of them are really boring if you’re not that into it. However, if you go to your local library, or your universities library, I’m sure you’ll stumble onto a jackpot of resources.


Good Photography:

This wasn’t as long as I was hoping, but I am going to have to conclude it there. I’ll probably add on to as time goes on, because I am always on the lookout for more stuff on Chernobyl. Hope this was helpful and also remember that if you say that Chernobyl Diaries is your favorite movie I will judge you hard.

Until next time!




Some paranormal stories/videos on youtube

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I come bearing gifts! Well, not physical gifts because I am broke, but here’s a new list of Youtubers to watch.

As you know (or maybe it hasn’t come across as well as I hoped), I love love love anything to do with the paranormal. Really, anything weird and the unexplained, but I’m especially interested in ghosts and whatnot. I’ve stated before that I had some weird experiences before, but nothing that I could really classify as a genuine ghost (much to my dismay). Once I’m out of school and have a job/money, and my license(probably the only 22yo who doesn’t…), I plan on going on some sort of a ghost road trip, hopefully with my buddy, Cassie (who has long had these plans with me). But, currently, I’m stuck here (only about a month and a half left!).

To bide my time, I watch youtube videos of ghost investigations and story times. Are they real? Maybe not. I personally like to have the benefit of the doubt, and tend to believe the stories. Granted, if you come to me and say you think your house is haunted, I will probably brush you off until you give me more than just doors closing on their own. I mean, we have this cabinet door in the kitchen that is broken and will just swing open randomly. My house is poorly made, so I chalk it off to that. So, while it’s random, and it squeaks while doing so, my first thought is not “Oh shit. It’s a ghost.” My first thought is, “Ah, thanks house for reminding me of how poorly built you are!”. I mean, we have orange counter-tops. And I’m not talking about a nice, light peach. No, I’m talking about like a shade darker than orange orange. Like, almost, dare I say, Blood Orange(cringe).GAH-ROSS.

Anyway, my point is that, while I believe in ghosts, I’m kind of skeptical. If that makes sense?

One of my new favorite things, is when youtubers do story times. It’s fascinating. Some of the stories you hear are crazy. They range from stalkers to bad first dates. And my favorites? They tend to be the ones about ghosts (duh).

So, without further ado, here are some youtubers/videos about ghosts I found interesting.

I’m going to start off with the lovely LoeyLane. A few months ago, I came across her videos somehow. I’m not sure how, to be honest, but it probably had to do with some random clicks through other videos. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy watching her videos because she’s an interesting person. Not only that, but she’s really adorable!

Here’s a couple of her ghost stories:


On one of her recent videos, she mentioned another youtuber, brittyy44, who does all paranormal videos, from histories of haunted places and ghost hunts, to even urban legends. So, basically, her channel is a jackpot for me!

Here’s a few of her videos:


Lastly (I want to save some for other posts, and plus there’s a enough to hold you over until, like, a year from now, when I finally post again), there’s Jessii Vee. I appreciate her because she states in one video that she doesn’t like jumpscares in youbtube videos. Jumpscares can be fun, but usually when I’m on youtube, I’m not looking for jumpscares. Call me a killjoy if you want. If I wanted jumpscares I’ll watch some shitty horror movie. I also am really easily startled An example is when the toaster pops. That makes me jump (I’m getting better though!). Granted, I’m not easily scared (by normal things, at least), I just tend to jump easily, if ya get my drift. I think it has to do with my anxiety, which has gotten worse, along with my startling easily. Anyway, it’s just a sense of relief to know that someone agrees with me.

Here are a couple of her videos for you check out:

And my personal favorite because this story is CRAZY:


I hope you enjoy these youtubers and their videos. I also hope you enjoy these posts. Although, even if you didn’t I would probably continue posting these anyway.

So, until the next time I decide to write at 3 am!

P.S. New season of Turn: Washington’s Spies tonight! Also, Chernobyl’s 30th anniversary is tomorrow! There’s probably something else but I’m forgetting!